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Ada Mary A E Horsfield

Atlantic City
United States
My great grandmother was named:

Ada Mary A E Horsfield

Any way of finding out what the "A E" stood for?

Birth 16 Sep 1879 in Wharfedale, Yorkshire West Riding, United Kingdom
Death 1944 in New Jersey

Thanks, Robert

Christopher Whitehead
Birth: 9 Jun 1877 in Otley, England
Death: 29 Jan 1935 in Northfield, NJ.
Thank you all for your help.

I did order the birth certificate, but I guess I don't need it now.

How did you access this information for free?

you can use a variety of search engines on the computer to find this data. have a look at ones like Ancestry and Find My Past, but there are many others. At a local level many parish registers have been transcribed and made available on line, or published on discs
It is getting steadily easier to find the information on line

Good luck with the rest of your research

just to add to dochines post-

the info I gave came from Ancestry. West Yorkshire parish records are just one county available online. Just a thought though, you may have to put Ancestry.co.uk into your search box to obtain these records. I don't know how it works for you, but I sometimes have to search on Ancestry.com to get a some records