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WO 69/123/257
Statements of Service, Royal Artillery 5 Battalion Numbers 2979 to 3452.
This entry appears on opening 265; this number is imprinted at the top right of each opening.
Soldier's Number 3233: Adam KELTY. Born Petersfield, Hampshire. Enlisted 1853 aged 16 years.
Covering dates indicate enlistment year.
Date: 1853

What else can be found that has the name as Kelty or Keltie or Kelly?


Thanks trace.

I don't know what is right with this one.

I read the name in 1841 as Kelty but a correction has been submitted for Kelly which would fit looking at 1851.

HO107 Piece/Book 396/19 Folio 15 Page 24
Civil Parish: Petersfield
Hundred: Finch Dean (Lower Half)
County: Hampshire
Registration District: Petersfield
Sub-RD: Petersfield
ED: 6
Address: Chapel St
William Berryman 50 Y
Folio 15 Page 25
Hannah Berryman 50 Y
William Berryman 15 Y
Louisa Berryman 10 Y
Adam Kelty 4 Y * Correction to Kelly submitted
Henry Bridger 35 Y
James Bridger 35 N
Richard Hounsom 15 N

HO107 Piece 1677 Folio 163 Page 36
Civil Parish: Petersfield
County: Hampshire
Registration District: Petersfield
No of Schedule:
Address: Chapel Street Chapel Green
William Berriman Head Mar 61 Selborne Hampshire
Hannah Berriman Wife Mar 64 Liss Hampshire
Louisa Berriman Dau 20 Buriton Hampshire
Adam Kelly Grand Son 14 Scholar Petersfield Hampshire
Mary Southcott Grand Dau 5 Petersfield Hampshire

However, there is this

Births Jun Qtr 1839
Kelty Caroline Petersfield 7 112
Kelty Caroline Petersfield 7 _82

Caroline Kelty
Christening Date 30 Jun 1839 Petersfield, Hampshire
Adam Kelty & Harriett


HO107 Piece 1663 Folio 319 Page 12
Civil Parish: Carisbrooke
County: Hampshire
Registration District: Isle of Wight
Sub-RD: Newport
ED: 3k
No of Schedule: 40
Address: Parkhurst Prison
Adam Kelty Head Mar 45 Asst. Warder Parkhurst Prison Scotland
Harriet Kelty Wife Mar 36 Petersfield Hampshire
Caroline Kelty Dau 11 Scholar Petersfield Hampshire
William Kelty Son 2 Deptford Kent

Three generations of Adam so I expected an Adam iv.

Soldier's Number 3233: Adam KELTY. Born Petersfield, Hampshire. Enlisted 1853 aged 16 years.

If that is Adam's son where is he in 1841 and where is his death?

If that is William's son where is his death? And why has TNA got it wrong?

Can anything further be found re service record for Soldier Number 3233 ?

If that is Adam's son where is he in 1841 and where is his death?

If that is William's son where is his death? And why has TNA got it wrong?
Not a lot, but there is this..

UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
Adam Kelty
Campaign/Service: Crimean War
Service Date: 1854-1855
Location: Crimea
Regiment/Unit Name: 1st Major H A B Compl 5th Battalion Royal Artillery
Regimental Number: 3233

Thanks Geoff.

Don't know what is going on with this one. I still read the name as Kelty in the 1841 census. It would make sense that Adam born 1837 was Adam's son and the 4th so named and followed his father into the army.

Adam Kelly
Spouse's Name Harriet Berrieman
Event Date 29 Sep 1834
Event Place Saint Marys Portsea, Hampshire
Batch: M062613

Adam Kelly
Baptism 30 Apr 1837 Petersfield, Hampshire
William Kelly & Harriet

You could read Kelty as Kelly being more common in England than Kelty but William for Adam ?

Caroline Kelty
Baptism 30 Jun 1839 Petersfield, Hampshire
Adam Kelty & Harriett

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Caroline Kilty
County Kent
Event Type Census
Event Date 1861
Event Place Sevenoaks, Kent, England
Registration District Sevenoaks
Residence Note High Street
Marital Status Unmarried
Occupation Housemaid
Relationship to Head of Household Servant
Birthplace Petersfield, Hampshire
Page Number 25
Registration Number RG09
Piece/Folio 488 / 16
Mary Morgan Head F 68 Acton Clinton, Buckinghamshire
Sarah W Walker Companion F 30 Kemsing, Kent
Martha Morgan Sister F 70 Acton Clinton, Buckinghamshire
Helen Bours Servant F 23 Sevenoaks, Kent
Caroline Kilty Servant F 21 Petersfield, Hampshire
George Walker Servant M 58 Dale Abbey, Derbyshire
Sarah C Walker Servants Child F 0 Sevenoaks, Kent
Thanks Geoff.

Don't know what is going on with this one.

Yeah, Adam Sr. didn't leave the services until he was 42/43y that would be about 1847-1848, he may well have been serving abroad, Malta for example..

May be we should be looking for wife & Offspring, that said, if the family traveled with him :rolleyes:

I think we only have Kelty and the 1834 marriage is the right one. But I can't explain 'William' on the baptism record.

Too much of a coincidence for the 'Kelly' who married Harriet to be an Adam.

I mentioned Malta in a previous post because I remembered seeing something.. I think it was a birth in Malta but didn't give parents, that is possibly it.

Here it is, on FMP under Kelly..

1843 British nationals armed forces births 1761-2005

Thanks Geoff.

Transferred to 6 Company 1838.

Can't find ref to 6 Coy being in Malta in the years 1838 - 1847 (Discharge) (6 years + in Malta)

First ref to 6 Coy in Malta. ?

No 6 Coy 8 Bn RA – Arrived February 1847. Left October 1852.

I'll be back in a few hours.

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Can't see a birth reg for son William in Kent.

William Kelty
Gender Male
Christening Date 28 Jul 1848
Birth Date Jul 1841
Adam Kelty & Harriet

Aged 2 in 1851 and 12 in 1861 ??

Harriet Berriman
Christening Date 02 Feb 1816 Petersfield, Hampshire, England
William Berriman & Hannah
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Age in census does not fit 1841 birth so something is wrong.

No other Kelty births or deaths on that Malta site. No ref to the name Kelly at all.