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Addict coming out of the woodwork!

Maidenhead Berkshire
Hi everyone

I stumbled upon this fourm purely by chance and have been lurking for the past few days. So here I am joining up.

Here's a little bit more about me and my accidental addiction.

My name is Nicola, I am a stay at home mother to two wonderful daughter's Anastasia Leanne (9 years) and Amy Louise Daisy (14 months). We live with my partner Vincent in Maidenhead Berkshire.

I fell in to the spare time sucking black hole that is family history research by accident. Back in 2002 when the 1901 census was made available online my mother wanted to search for her paternal grandmother Annie Hilda Cousins. Unfortunately due to some incorrect information on her place of birth she was unable to find her on the census. After many months of searching I finally managed to find her. She had been born in Kensington and not Steeple Aston as my grandfather had thought.

Family history was then forgotten for some time until a seris of events caused me to catch the bug again and this time turn it from a hobby into an addiction. Back in 2005 my niece had to do a project for school on her family tree. Heavily pregnant at the time with my second daughter I wasted hole days on Genesreunited.co.uk and Ancestry.co.uk. Of course in the first few months after my daughter's birth family history was again put on the back burner. That was until the unfortunate passing of my partner's grandfather. Suddenly my partner's family realised they new nothing of their ancestors. Not even the names of their grandfather's parents or siblings. Again many many frustraiting and happy hours, days, weeks months were wasted searching census returns and obtianing certificates. I was even able to locate where my partner's great, great great and great great great grandparents where buried.

Not long after my grandfather became ill and I guess spurred by his new found sense of mortality he wanted to find out more about his ancestors. Sadly my grandfather passed away last month, just weeks before I found the niece he wished to know more about who died aged 24 in 1954 of TB leaving behind a 3 year old son at the time which the family lost contact with. Yesterday I fianlly made contact with that son's daughters. It's just a shame my grandfather was able to share the excitement with me.

So that's it, my partner has become and internet and family history widow and I bore people at social functions with the dates of birth, marriage and death of our ancestors. Do I want help? Nope :D


Loyal Member
Staff member
Nottingham, England.
Hi Nicola,
welcome to our FHUK community forums.

Great intro there Nicola - Loved your story!
Very similar to me, where my granddad did not know his parents even! It amazes me how people do not know about their family history/ genes / ancestry.

So that's it, my partner has become and internet and family history widow and I bore people at social functions with the dates of birth, marriage and death of our ancestors.
What searching for "dead people"! - as my wife eloquently puts it!:eek:

Do I want help? Nope :D
Me neither:)

Great to hear from you Nicola. Hope to see more of you.

All the best,

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