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Adelaide josephine Noel

Hi again wondering if anyone can help thourght i'd try here since the great response i had with the last post i did in the WW1 forum.
Adelaide is my greatgrandmother born in Boulogne sur Mer ,Pas De Calais , northern France approx.1869 to 1872. on my maternal side.
Earliest I've traced her in the uk is 1891
she is registered as a servent (nurse) working and living at newstead house ,mill lane olive grove liverpool under her maiden name so i reckon shes unmarried. this is what i know about her.
She married a Peter Mann sometime between 1891 and 1900 Had 4 surviving children 3 girls and 1 boy . maria a mann,helen j mann,agnes j mann and john louis mann being the youngest. the 3 girls went on to become nuns and john louis went to sea as a 13 year old. sadly peter mann died in the early 1900's think is was a publican.As a widow she taught french as a governess to the rich of liverpool and also made dresses to sell as there was no man about to keep her.Approx 1907 she possible married a john robert gregson he is recorded in the 1911 census as born clayton le moors lancashire. they had 2 children 1908 norman noel gregson (my grandad) and in 1912 Lillian josephine gregson. in the 1911 census the family are recorded as living at solon street liverpool. family have said they lived above a sewing machine shop and john robert gregson is listed as a rep for singer sewing machines. sadly john robert died in his mid 50's approx 1914 (grandad told me he was about 6 when his dad died). I think the next marriage may have been 1918 to a bloke with the surname rogers but nothing else is known about that.Adelaide died in whiston hospital approx 1946.
I have a French document translated from 1879 it turned out to be part of a death certificate from boulogne It recalls the death of adelaide Douniau on the 4th march of that year her age is 35 years 8 months she is a housewife married to Louis Noel also 35 years 6 months i suspect they are adelaide's mother and father,adelaide douniau's father is adrien henri douniau living with her mother adelaide gassin in wimille a village north of boulogne. her brothers are listed as henri douniau aged 40 and louis douniau aged 32 both listed as marble masons (monument builders) . adelaide douniau is recorded as living in rue de maquetra. I've traced all these places on google. Alot of info in tracing adelaide noel but before 1891 i have nothing why she came to the uk, how and when she came to the uk how she ended up in liverpool,i know my grandad said they went to live in southampton for a brief time when he was about 8 possible to be closer to her family on the other side of the channel, but in those days such a young woman to travel so far from home for the time and possible well educated as she was bi-lingual Again long winded but tried to cram alot of info in incase it jogs anyones memory:eek:
thanks M&J


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Hi Found this marriage.

Year 1894
Jul/Aug/Sept 1/4
District Toxteth Park
Vol 8b
Page 480

Adelaide Noel one of the grooms listed is a Peter Mann.
yeah thanks julie jtp
that'll be her first marriage peter mann died early 1900,s i think produced 4 children 3 girls went into the convent in preston and one son john louis mann
think the second marriage to robert john gregson about 1907 (calculated guess) found them on 1911 census living in solon street edge hill liverpool
this is my grandads father and his half brother john louis mann adelaide by now a gregson my grandad was norman noel gregson.
having trouble how& why adelaide got to the uk from boulogne i found her in 1891 listed as a nurse in newstead house olive grove liverpool as a british subject. i know she visited "home" several times but reasons to settle in uk i don't know. know she came either via liverpool or southampton probably by sea. thanks for the look up sorry about the late reply
M&J :)

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