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Admiral Sir William Domett 1752-1828

I am researching Admiral Domett. I would love to know if he has an desendants in the UK. The gentleman was bachelor but had several brothers and one sister that I know of.
Domett was born in Hawkchurch, Dorset (now Devon) in 1751/52 and was buried in the same village in 1828.
Domett's sister, Ann, married George Templeman of Middle Chinnock so any Templeman desendants would be good as well.
Thanks for looking.
Thanks Julie
This is the Admiral's family. I do know of a decendant through this Samuel but it is the only one that I know that exists - there must be more!!
if you are still interested in ancestors of admiral sir william domett, the name domett has been handed down through my family for generations and i am in posession of his seal if u wish to contact me about this please do not hesitate thanks .

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I have a James Dommett in my family tree 1759 (London)-1795 (Surrey), Married Wilhelmina Dyer of Deptford (1759 - 1843).

Possible brother? cousin? of Sir William Dommett?
I was searching my family's tree, and I have found this post, Domett came from my maternal grandfather and now, my grandfather's tree it's in brazil.
all I know is his family came from somewhere near of siria, but, when i started to search, i've found all the ancestors came from England,
what i have found until now was:
Sir. William Domett 1752 - 1828
Alfred Domett 1811 - 1887
Edward Domett Shaw 1860 - 1937

Samuel and Anne Domett was the parents of Sir. William Domett
and I think Georg who was born on 2 sep. 1756 it was his brother.

I have found this on Hawkchurch BAPTISMS (1663 - 1851) occasionally

And, finally all I wanna Know is if someone knows more about it, or how domett's name came to Brazil, or Siria