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Admon conundrum


Active member
South Australia
I have a conundrum with a 1745 admon that I'd like opinions, advice and thoughts on.
The admon is for a John Dowdeswell, dated 11 May 1745. In two places on the document it reads, "John Dowdeswell of Sedgeberrow, minor intestate deceased". John's father, Thomas of Temple Guiting, was appointed administrator, and Charles Parker of Ashchurch and Thomas Clark of St Michael Bedwardine were named as being bound for the twenty pounds fee.
Thomas Dowdeswell had several children, baptised in Ashchurch, Bishops Cleve and Sedgeberrow. And this is where my confusion starts. He had a son John baptized in 1707, who was buried in 1714 in Sedgeberrow. Another John was baptized in Sedgeberrow in 1718. I cannot find another John baptized in Sedgeberrow, or anywhere else, the son of Thomas. The term minor would mean under 21, whereas the 1718 John would be 27 in 1745. Additionally, I am almost certain the 1718 John married in Sep 1745 in Gloucester, described as "of Ashchurch", given naming patterns of his children.
A minor dying intestate would have to be at least 14 or 15 you would think, working or at least in an apprenticeship to make the admon application worthwhile.
Given the coincidence of the admon and the marriage both in 1745, I had considered whether it was a con job, to wipe any debts before John was married. I think it unlikely, but given Charles Parker above was Thomas' son-in-law, it is a possibility. What sort of proof would have been required to apply for an admon?
I have checked records online, and had the Worcestershire Archives do a search on my behalf, but no other John Dowdeswell baptisms can be found, with a father Thomas, in the right time frame in either Worcestershire or Gloucestershire.
I will be very glad of others' thoughts.