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Adoption query


Active member
Confused! Nosy? Maybe just over thinking!

When I was younger I was always told that my mums cousin was " adopted" and the story went they had three boys and wanted a girl so adopted one
Their boys were born 1935, 1939 and 1943, she was "adopted" in 1944

Recently I was doing some research and came across her name on the freebmd which showed her given name and surname as I know it (family name), the correct quarter of birth/year ( I know her birthday) and gives the maiden name of the mother.
My great uncle was married to someone whose name was not what is on her birth index. I checked the index for the three older sons, they are down with "correct" mothers maiden name( his wife)

So that got me thinking unless it is a transcription mistake could she be my great uncles child and a child of an affair he had with a. n. other?:(

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