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Adoption record? Birth Certificate? Which one best to order?

Milton Keynes

Mary Elizabeth Dunbar when she was born but changed to adopted name was Syliva Ella Dunbar

My nanny who was adopt by her uncle as her birth mother passed away at childbirth and her father could not cope with a newborn baby (my nanny) so my nanny's uncle and aunty took over and brought her up since.

My nanny's adoption name was Syliva Ella Dunbar, and she was born on 23rd February 1933 in Northumberland, and she passed away on August 2010 In Buckinghamshire. She had three brothers by her birth mother and father thats what I was told by my mother. Her birth name was Mary Elizabeth Dunbar

Her adoption parent called Thomas Dunbar and Sarah Beattie and they did not have children of their own, I think. But I don't know my nanny's birth mother and father too. That's what I am stuck about.

I was told by my friend that I would able to find birth parent's name by adoption paperwork if i order? Is it right? Or birth certification?

Can i have your advise what I can do to find it? How can i find the adoption record for me to order? Or would i better off to order birth certification?

If I better off to order adoption paperwork or birth certification, then can you please help to find the website that I could order? As I have never been order birth certificate or adoption before.

Sorry if I am useless lol.

Thank you.
Leeds, born Hull
It is very difficult obtaining details about adoptions, even if you are the adopted person.

City of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
The Adoption Unit
Social Services Directorate
Shieldfield Centre
4 - 8 Clarence Walk
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 1AL
Tel: 0191 278 8200
Fax: 0191 278 8188
Website: www.newcastle.gov.uk
e-mail: adoption@newcastle.gov.uk

I think we have found the parents of Mary Elizabeth Dunbar. She was born to James A Dunbar and Ella Steele.

Mary's birth record is Jan/Mar qtr 1933 Newcastle ref 10b 180

James A marriage record is a/j qtr 1921 Newcastle ref 10b 210.

this is the web site you need to order a certifcate - http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/default.asp

It could be that Mary was not officially odopted. Quite often members of the family just agreed to look after a members child. Sometimes they changed their name, but sometimes kept their birth name. I think that Mary was given or adopted her mother's name, ie Ella. There is nothing to stop you calling yourself by another name. You may find a note on the birth cert if she changed her name officially. If you order her birth certificate quoting the details above, you could always include a note saying that she changed her name to Sylvia Ella.

good luck
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