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advice please


I am looking for some advice as to where I may go now. I have received a marriage cert for a lady (can't name her as she may still be living) and it turns out that she married under a surname that wasn't her real name (all done in total innocence) and now can't trace her ancestry. I know that she wouldn't have appeared on the electoral rolls as she under 21 when she married but I was wondering if there is anyway I can find out who was living at her address in or around 1953. The address I have is 85 Hendon Lane, London N3 and this is where she was living in 1953 when she married. Are there any websites that would offer information on electoral rolls without a name but just an address.

Take care

Curiouser and curiouser as Alice in Wonderland said :confused:

Can only think of electoral listings sorry Sue. Did she grow up in the same area? What about place of birth - does she know that and is her first name/names common - just pondering way out possibilities really, you will obviously have gone down the birth certificate route........

Good luck with it :)

All I know about this lady is that her name is Edwina Ann and that she was born @1935, she married in Hendon in 1953 and at that time was living at 85 Hendon LAne London N3. She was under 21 at this time and therefore, I am told, she would have not appeared on the electoral roll. It is highly probable that her surname would have been Clarke at this time as that was the name she married under (though it turned out later that this was not her surname). I was hoping that there would be somewhere I could check this address on the electoral nearest to 1953 which would show whom she was living with and hopefull solve this mystery I have spent many months trying to sort out

Take care