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after some good advice please!


Valued Member
hi All,

We have a new baby girl due to be born into the family in June and I would really appreciate some help with what to store away for her.

Years ago when my younger children were born a girlfriend said that she always put the newspaper from the day they were born in an archive box so they could read it on their 21st birthday. I started that tradition and mine have all loved getting their's on that day. I also keep the newspaper that has their birth notice in it and I added their health centre book and hospital tags etc. As the grandchildren have come along I now add their birthday cards and what they make me at kinder etc and that has proved popular as well.

Since I now understand the frustration of not having enough information about the people I'm researching because things have gone missing, been thrown away or damaged in house fires, I'm trying to think of innovative things to put into a sort of time capsule for this new little one. She may well be the first one not to have her Gt Grandparents around in her living memory. I'm not doing well in the creative thinking department though and so would welcome any and all suggestions please! :)


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