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Ages in 1841 Census


Loyal Member

I know that in the 1841 Census ages for adults were rounded up/down but is there any hard and fast rule for this? Was it always 5 years or was the age taken to the nearest 5 or 0?

My reason for asking is that I am trying to find the birth of a gt x grandfather called John Miller born in Liverpool. He appears with wife Elizabeth nee Bolderson in the 1841 Census (the site I use has it mistranscribed as Millen) and they are both down as aged 30. I know that Elizabeth was born 1808 as I have found her baptism but I can't find a John Miller born in Liverpool in the same year. So far I have found 2 born 1802, one in 1804, one in 1805, one in 1810 and one in 1811.

Unfortunately he died some time between 1847 when son John was born and the 1851 Census so I can't even use that as a guide.

Any ideas?


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