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ages on marriage certificates

Whitley Bay

Can anyone help me please. I two marriage certificates and a birth certificate for the same person but her age on the marriage certificates is wrong. On her first marriage she should be 19 but it says 21 and on the second marriage she should be 33 but is down as 30. She was older than her second husband.

Why would this be? any hints on this subject would be great.

Hi Frenchie...are you certain of her real age?...its not uncommon for dates to be wrong on marriage certs....not so much these days as ID is often used i think by registars.

She probably lied about her age on each occasion! On the first marriage, she probably said she was 21, because she wouldn't need permission from her parents to marry. On the second, she might have been too embarrassed to declare that she was older than her husband.

Just a thought!

thanks guys, Josie I think you may be right. I have her birth cert and have worked out that she would have been 19 at her first marriage. (Marrying a 26 year old)
I have read somewhere about the full age being 21 and consent being required before that. Her father was high up in the police force so not sure if he knew about it all or not.

thanks again
I have also a similar problem - both my G grandparents ages on marriage cert is 25 but I know he was 3 years older than her - sometimes they lied to join the military or for other reasons. I know my certificate is the correct one because I had it verified - a hint though - the name of the bride was ttranscribed incorrectly and Manchester Archives confirmed this for me so maybe their ages were written incorrectly too? mmmmmmmmmm
We rely on other people to give us the info but they can be wrong sometimes :rolleyes: