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Aghavaden, Leitrim Co


I am trying to research my McPartlin family and came across, what I believe to be, part of the family. The birth registration shows them being born in Aghavaden, Leitim Co., Mohill, Ireland. My great-grandmother was said to be born in Carrick-on-Shannon; however, I have not had any luck with finding her. When I google Aghavaden I don't get any hits at all and I cannot find it on the map. Is anyone familiar with this location?
Thanks so much.
Hi TCam,

There is a place called AGHAVAS, which is about 5-6 miles east of Mohill.

Mohill is about 10 miles East of Carrick-on-Shannon.

Plus AGHAVILLA, which is a bit further NE of Mohill

And Aghavanny, which is about 35-40 miles North of Carrick-on-Shannon (this one may be too far away though).

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Aghavadden Townland
County Leitrim

Civil Parish= Fenagh
Barony= Leitrim
Poor Law Union= Mohill
Catholic Diocese= Ardagh & Clonmacnois
Catholic Parish= Fenagh


have a play on here,,,you can view different versions of maps,,,zoom in zoom out...a great site for irish maps,,,,you should be able to find the area using the search feature,,,hopefully this link should take you straight to Aghavaden....look on the right for the zoom in/zoom out feature..