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Alberta census 1916 - Lookup please.

William Colling b1877, immigrated Canada 1904. Miner. Living in Alberta in 1916.

I would appreciate it if someone is able to give me all available details relating to his entry on 1916 census.

I have been unable to find him in 1911. Would welcome any sighting of him then, please. Could be recorded as Collins/Cowling.
Hi where was William born please?
Sorry my Anc subs are not enough to open the census you want.
Perhaps one of our genies can do that for you?

My real interest is in William Cowling (b 1877) who migrated from UK to Canada in 1904. In the same year William Collins, tailor, (b 1877) and William Collins, labourer, (b 1877), made the same journey. I can find no record of a William Colling, assuming the census dates are accurate.

I have not been able to find my man in 1911 Canadian census which, I understand, did not survive in its entirety. There is no record of his return to UK nor of him moving on to US.

Although I have found no reference to my William ever having worked as a miner, at least three immediate generations of his ancestors had been so employed. There is just a slim chance that "William Colling" is my man. I was hoping that the census entry might provide a lead that would enable me to more conclusively identify him.

Any suggestions of alternative avenues to explore would also be most welcome.
Thanks Steve.

Are you able to confirm his address/location, please? It is a long shot but there may just be some local records. 1916 is not too long ago. There could even be family still in the area.

I really am clutching at straws.
William Colling
Age: 39
abt 1877
Birthplace: England
Year of Immigration: 1904
Home in 1916: 09, Macleod, Alberta
Address: 7, 3, 615, Bellevue

Sub District Desc.: Township 7, whole or fractional, ranges 3, 4, 5 and 6, and Township 8, range 4, W. 5. M., exclusive of the Town of Blairmore and the Village of Frank.

I can't read French, so this is all I can give you B.B.;):)

Canadian passenger list.

Wm Colling. Occ Fitter.
Gender - Female. (This is an error. Shown as male in the listing).:)
Age: 26
abt 1878. Lancashire.
Arrival - 15 May 1904
Vessel: Canada
Arrival - Montreal, Quebec
Departure - Liverpool, England.

Other passengers travelling with Wm. Colling.

Ada Colling. abt. 1876. Lancashire.
William J. Colling. abt 1902. Lancashire.
Edith M. Colling. abt 1904. Lancashire.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the expanded census entry and the details of the passenger list.

Unfortunately my theory that this might be William Cowling is now sunk without trace but, hey ho, that's the way the cookie crumbles! At least I have an answer; just a shame it's not the one I was hoping for. Nonetheless, your help is appreciated.