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Ale house and poor law.


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In 1759 my ancestor is listed in the Norwich "vagrant and settlement" records 1754-1788 and it says what parish he was of but also says "Ale House".

I have tried googling but does anyone know what an ale house had to do with poor law?
I would guess that an Ale House, was his home, once he was settled......or he had an Ale house previously.

A persons trade, or occupation was part of the process of being allowed to settle. If a trade or profession could benefit the Parish, you were more than halfway to be allowed to 'settle'.

It's pretty much similar to be allowed to settle/emigrate in Australia or America....If you have a profession that's needed/wanted, you stood a better chance.

In general, if you had nothing to offer a Parish.....why would they allow them to settle.

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Thanks. Seems he was a bit of a businessman then. And as I have found, just because someone had property did not mean they would leave a will, I know rellies who had a business but never left a will. AFAIK my alehouse keeper ancestor never left a will.