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Alexander Clifford


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There is a baptism for Alexander 1703 Calne parents William Clifford and Jane Alexander.

There is a marriage for Alexander in 1753 to Mary Stephens which is ok but he was 50 when they were married, but not impossible I hear you say. He has a daughter 1749 although the baptism says she was a male, but there doesn't seem to be any other baptisms or any marriages before this point. (Frances went on to marry Daniel Reeves 1771 Calne).
There is another marriage in 1771 to a Mary Duck, I haven’t found a death of Mary Clifford wife of Alexander until 1802.
I'm assuming but do not know if the Alexander who died in 1807, married Mary Duck

I'm expecting his name was Jane’s surname but, the only burial appears to be 1 Jan 1808 not sure it was his. When we look at it the Memorial Inscription on FMP, it tells us Alexander was only 71 giving a DOB of 1736 which isn't matching a birth of 1703.

So is Alexander the same one who married in 1753?? I'm expecting him to be a widower but the marriage doesn't say anything about his marital status. There was at least one child born from this marriage a son Peter in 1755, I also don't know the marital status of Mary Stephens either.

I think there must be some records missing because I'm sure Alexander had more than two children in this time period?? Perhaps the Alexander born 1736 was his son??

If anyone has access to any other records which could answer any of these questions I would be grateful for some help, thank you!!


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