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Alexander McLuckie b. 1838 Govan Glasgow

Runaway Bay
I am looking for the above Alexander McLuckie son of Robert McLuckie, Iron Stone Miner and his wife Janet (Jessie) Gow. I know Alexander was alive in 1874 as he was the informant on the death certificate of his brother Robert McLuckie. I have him on the 1841 and 1851 Census with his parents but have not been able to confirm him on the later Census records.

Assistance appreciated.
Hi Julie thank you for these links. Am sure there are connections here but as yet I can't say how. Robert, his father, had parents Alexander & Mary and listed his birthplace as "Lithgow Linlithgow" on one census and "Falkirk" (big family of McLuckies in Polmont STI) on another. As I have not located his birth/baptism (c 1808-1812) in either place am unsure where family from at this time. Regards Anne
Hi there
I have tried Scotlandspeople for you. I put in the dates1807 - 1815 and used the Soundex but I am sorry that nothing came up for anywhere in Scotland.
Good hunting


It looks as though we have a different Alexander McLUCKIE. Mine was born 9 Feb 1839 Govan to parents Robert and Jean/Jane BELL.

Alexander McLuckie
Living in Parish 654, Rutherglen
Robert McLuckie 49 b LKS Glasgow
Jane B McLuckie 48 b LKS Monkland
Alexander 22, Margaret 16, Helen 12, John 9, Robert 7, all b LKS Govan, Ann 4, b LKS Rutherglen.

Robert McLUCKIE & Jean BELL 20 Oct 1838 Gorbals, Lanark


Hi Dave Thanks for this information - when I saw Robert & Jane/Jean I admit I was wondering if your Robert was in some way connected eg brother of my Alexander's father Andrew. Only reason for this was that Andrew had a son Robert and a daughter who was called Jane or Jean. No other Roberts in family on his wife's side and his only two sons were Alexander and Robert. Have conducted baptism seach (pre 1855) for Andrew using Mc/Lu with no results so am assuming perhaps he was not baptised. Thank you for your advice. Smuggler (Anne)
Hello Anne,

It looks as though we have two different families. My Robert has brothers John (1805), Walter (1814) and John (1819). I have no Andrew in my tree.

Robert's parents are Alexander and Janet ALLAN. They married about 1802 but I can't find the record.


I'm aware this is an old thread. However, I'm trying to verify where my Alexander McLuckie fits into the picture. I have a marriage record from Durham, England dated 21 Sept 1857 of Alexander McLuckie to Elizabeth Porteous. The information is verified via marriage certificates of two of their surviving children. It would appear Alexander's father was Andrew McLuckie. And it would seem he was born in 1838. His occupation is recorded as Marine Engineer on later records. Any information on the family? He was my g-g-g- grandfather. We have no date of death for him, perhaps since he may have died at sea.
Elizabeth Mcluckie Gender Female Birth Date18 Oct 1864Birth place GOVAN,LANARK,SCOTLANDFather's NameAlexander McluckieMother's Name Elizabeth Porteous

Jessie Mcluckie
GenderFemaleBirth Date25 Feb 1867BirthplaceGOVAN,LANARK,SCOTLANDFather's NameAlexander McluckieMother's NameElizabeth Porteous

Alexander McluckieGender Male Birth Date30 Jan 1838BirthplaceGOVAN,LANARK,SCOTLANDFather's NameAndrew McluckieMother's NameJanet Gow

Andrew McluckieSpouse's NameJanet GowEvent Date07 Dec 1834Event PlaceBarony,Lanark,Scotland

Christina McluckieGenderFemaleBirth Date21 Jun 1855BirthplaceBARONY,LANARK,SCOTLANDFather's NameAndrew McluckieMother's NameJanet Gow

Robert Mcluckie
GenderMaleBirth Date25 Feb 1858BirthplaceBARONY,LANARK,SCOTLANDFather's NameAndrew McluckieMother's NameJanet Gow

Janet Mcluckie
GenderFemaleChristening Date21 Jun 1846Christening PlaceCAMBRIDGE STREET UNITED PRESBYTERIAN, GLASGOW, LANARK, SCOTLANDFather's NameAndrew McluckieMother's NameJanet Gow
This is very confusing. Alexander and Elizabeth Porteous had a number of children, but only Jessie, James and Alexander survived into adulthood. They are: Andrew born 1858, Jane born 1860, Alexander born 1862, Elizabeth born 1864, Jessie born 1867, James born 1869 and crucially Robert born 1874. Since Robert was born after Alexander's supposed death in 1869, we have a problem. All I know is that according to my marriage record, Alexander was born in the year 1838 and had a father named Andrew McLuckie. The record uses the surname McCluskie but also uses Portons for Porteous - nonetheless the date 21 Sept 1857 is exactly named on death certificates and so forth for the children. Looking at Scotland's People I can't see any other Alexanders who were born to an Andrew McLuckie. I thought Alexander died at sea since no other records are available in Scotland and he is named as a marine engineer.
Not got an account with them, and a little too costly for now. Anyway, I'm trying to work out if the Andrew named as father is the same as the one who married Janet Gow. A quick glance at Scotland's People says there is an Andrew who died aged 84 in 1886, at Avondale. Also an Andrew who died in 1893 aged 69 in Glasgow. Or the Andrew who died aged 82 at Balfron in 1871. All these would seem candidates for the man in question. Of course, there is also the Andrew who died in Maryhill, 1872 - he was the same who married Janet Gow.
Only complication is I can't see any birth record for an Alexander son of Andrew, other than the one who was married to Janet Gow. It's confusing.
The spelling was Alexander McCluskie to Elizabeth Portons. I found it on My Heritage. The reference was:
Elizabeth Portons & Alexander Mcluskie
Marriage: Sep 21 1857
Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England
Wife: Elizabeth Portons
James Portons
Husband: Alexander Mcluskie
Andrew Mcluskie
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02956-3
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 1514556
I can confirm that James Porteous and Jane Gilbert were Elizabeth Porteous' parents. She was born in 1836 at Colinton, Edinburgh and died 1903 in Glasgow. Her husband Alexander seems to have died between 1875 (when his son Robert died) and 1903.