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Alexander Wood d 1906 Yankalilla


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I am trying to find the parents of this man who died in 1906 aged 85. He went to Australian in 1849 on board the Posthumous and grew fruit in Yankalilla. He founded the Woodvale Orangery. He was supposed to be born in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire but I can't find a birth for him. Is there anything in the Australian records to help. His wife was Augusta E and he had 7 daughters who survived him. I only have the names of some

Lillie Alice, 3rd Augusta C, 5th Amy Aurora, and the youngest Edith Maud. All the daughters might help my search for his parents but any other Woods in the same area might help too?

Oh, Barbara :biggrin: South Australia the most difficult state.

I will have a look but it will probably require some searching next time I'm at the NSW State Library.

Death 1906 Book 320 page 221 WOOD Alexander - Relative = undefined District = Yankalilla

Death records on-line usually list the name of the spouse as the 'relative' and nothing there.

More detailed records of events in SA are in books at the State Library. No guarantee it will list parents.

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Is it, typical! And Jedburgh is one of these places with a lot of non conformist churches so hard to find people so we are in difficulties before we start!
:roll eyes:

I managed to find some of his daughter's marriages on trove but not all.

Story in one paper is he left Jed aged 18, went to England (where?), trained as an engineer and did well on the railways but decided to emigrate. But I take these stories with a pinch of salt. Not found a definite in the census in the Uk but not an easy name.
WOOD Alexander arrived in SA 1849-06-20 aboard Posthumous from London via Plymouth 49-03-13

1853 Book 15 page275 WOOD Alexander - WEYLANDT Augusta District = Adelaide

Better chance for parents being listed on the record of the marriage in the book at the SLNSW.

Death 1929 Book 511 page575 WOOD Augusta Elsie - Alexander WOOD [DH] Adelaide

In this case the deceased husband is listed as the relative on the on-line entry.

Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912)
Thu 20 Sep 1906

WOOD.—On the 11th September, at his residence, Woodvale, Yankalilla, Alexander Wood late of Jedburgh, Scotland, the dearly beloved husband of Augusta E. Wood, in his 86th year. A colonist of 57 years. Arrived in the ship Posthumous. Scotch papers please copy.
Augusta Elsie
Last name Wood c1836-
04 May 1929
Unley Park
Place Unley Park
District Adelaide
Deceased husband

Informant's first name(s)

Informant's last name Wood
28 Jan 1853
St John Church Adelaide
Alexander Wood
Marital statusSingle/spinster
Birth year1827

Age 15
Reg .no.15/275
Lillie/Lilie/Lily/ Alice ?

Amy Aurora ?

There are probably some errors with names in the on-line transcription and in Trove.
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Birth 1853 WOOD Alexander William Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Adelaide Book 4 page210

Birth 1856 WOOD Treanken Eleasa Alexander WOOD Auguste Eleasa WEYLANDT Adelaide Book 5 page299

Birth 1858 WOOD Emma Alexandrina Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 14 page225

Birth 1861 WOOD Augusta Cecilia Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 23 page222

Birth 1862 WOOD Agnes Frances Alexander WOOD Augusta WYLANDT Yankalilla Book 28 page218

Birth 1866 WOOD Alexander James Gustuff Alexander WOOD Auguste WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 43 page369

Birth 1868 WOOD Frederick William Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 64 page529

Birth 1869 WOOD Ame Arrura Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 77 page498

Birth 1871 WOOD Lile Alice Annie Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 95 page56

Birth 1872 WOOD Edith Charlotte Matilda Alexander WOOD Augusta WEYLANDT Yankalilla Book 108 page252
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1841 Bongate, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Alexander Wood Male 18 1823 Roxburghshire, Scotland -Mason

William Wood -Mason
Birth year1793
Birth county
Birth county as transcribed

Catharine Wood Female 45 1796 Roxburghshire, Scotland
William Wood Male 8 1833 Roxburghshire, Scotland
James Wood Male 3 1838 Roxburghshire, Scotland
A google search brought up an Emma Alexandrina Wood born 1858 daughter of Alexander and Augusta Eleasa Weylandt. Website "mypioneerancestors" doesn't seem to be working though.

You have just found Emma too, Dave?
Possible it is him Ellie but think he would name a child Catherine amongst all those names and middle names!

Death 1879 93/223 WOOD Alexander Alexander WOOD (F) Yankalilla

Not as easy finding the deaths with relative either unrecorded or is spouse. Would need to find the right marriages.

Death for Alexander William.

No deaths yet for Alexander James Gustuff and Frederick William.

7 daughters on the list of births on post #12.
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In the 51, Wm the mason still in the Bongate with wife now named Christean and sons Wm and James all born in area.
William Wood
Spouse's Name Catherine Oliver
Event Date 30 Jun 1821
Event Place Jedburgh,Roxburgh,Scotland

William Wood
Spouse's Name Cathrine Oliver
Event Date 30 Jul 1821
Event Place Eckford,Roxburgh,Scotland

Banns 2 places

I've put all the births that I've found in order on the one post #12 Barbara.

Marriage 1896 188/81 CLAYTON Frederic William WOOD Edith Charlotte Matilda Yankalilla

Marriage 1903 216/947 MEISCHEL Friedrich Gottfried Wilhelm WOOD Amy Aurora Yankalilla

Marriage 1887 150/169 QUICK George WOOD Agnes Frances Yankalilla

Marriage 1891 169/997 WEYLANDS William Gustave WOOD Augusta Cecilia Norwood

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A google search brought up an Emma Alexandrina Wood born 1858 daughter of Alexander and Augusta Eleasa Weylandt. Website "mypioneerancestors" doesn't seem to be working though.

You have just found Emma too, Dave?

mypioneerancestors.com.au’s server DNS address could not be found.