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Alfred William Broughton

Some help needed please.
Does anybody know anything about the 16th Regiment.
Alfred William Broughton 1872 Corporal 16th regiment The Camp Colchester.
On 1881 census he is shown(if he is the same person)
William Broughton
Age 29
Estimated Year of Birth 1852
Relationship to Head of Household Soldier
Occupation Private 16 Lancers
Address Fulford Road
District York, Walmgate
Parish Gate Fulford
Administrative County Yorkshire (East Riding)
Birth Place Grantham
Birth County Lincolnshire

Why would he be a Corporal in 1872 on his sons birth certificate & then a Private in 1881.

Thank you
Hi,,,,,the chap in the 1881 census is not your man,for reasons i shall explain,

580 Alfred Broughton was born c 1843 in Gedney Hill,Lincolnshire...he enlisted in 1858 age 15 into the 2nd Battalion the Bedfordshire regiment,,16th foot.
He served till 1883 reaching the rank of Sergeant.
On discharge his intended place of residence was Doddington,Cambridgeshire.

he served
at home 1858-1861
North America 1861-1866
West Indies 1866-1869
at home 1869-1876
India 1876- 1882 so cant be the chap in 1881 census
at home 1882-1883

his medical record states he was in Colchester from 1/4/1871-15/4/1872

next of kin was given as his wife Emma Ground.

16th Foot
1858. The 2nd battalion of the 16th Foot are raised in Ireland. All line regiments up to the 25th are expanded to include a 2nd battalion following reforms resulting in the glaring deficiencies shown up in the Crimean War and the Indian Mutinies.
1859. The 2nd battalion is stationed in Ireland.
1861. The 1st battalion sent to Montreal, later to defend the border with America against Fenian raiders. The 2nd are sent to Halifax in Canada on their first foreign service and spend their time in Nova Scotia. Both battalions remain in Canada in response to tensions between America and the British Empire, following the American Civil War.
1866. The 1st battalion are involved in several small engagements along the borders around Niagara against the attempted invasion by American Fenian's.
1866. 2nd battalion are sent to the West Indies.
1869. 2nd battalion return home and are posted to Curragh in Ireland.

1870. 1st battalion join the 2nd in Curragh. The British Army is reorganised including the abolishment of purchasing commissions and the raising of a Reserve army amongst other things.
1873. Further reforms divide the country into 'Brigade Districts', usually consisting of one or more county, the 16th Foot being allocated the 33rd Brigade District comprised of Bedfordshire. Each dsitrict had a permament depot, with the barracks at Kempston being assigned as the Brigade District base. The depots became the base for paired' battalions, with one being held on home service whilst the other was assigned a post on 'foreign service'.
1876. The Regimental Barracks and Depot are completed on the Kempston Road, about 1 mile west of Bedford town centre. The building cost around £50,000 at the time and stood on a 23 acre site, 13 of which were used for encampments, drill and recreation grounds. The main building was formed into three sides of a quadrangle, housing the entire stores, powder magazines, Officers and men's quarters, including some married person's quarters, canteens, Mess Halls and other such areas. The 1st battalion remained stationed in Ireland whilst the 2nd battalion were sent to Madras in India.

The Bedfordshire Regiment

1881. The 2nd battalion move to Burma. On 1 July, the Regiment is renamed 'The Bedfordshire Regiment' as a part of the Childers reforms, although the title the 16th Foot is still used for many years afterwards, even during the Great War. Bedford becomes the official centre for the regiment. The Bedfordshire Light Infantry Militia and Hertfordshire Militia form the 3rd and 4th Regimental battalions and the Rifle Volunteer Corps (RVC) units from both counties are also folded into the county Regiment. As a result, the 1st and 2nd battalions remain the regular units, the 3rd and 4th battalions become the Militia units, with the three RVC battalions becoming the 1st and 2nd Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps and the 1st Bedfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps. The regimental recruiting district is also expanded to incoroprate Hertfordshire. In a strange twist, when Battle Honours are introduced to the new regimental flags that year, the regiment are the only one to have none of the recognised honours, despite having served through many wars and for over 200 years! A committee is formed and several of their past battles are recognised, rectifying the embarrassing situation.
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1851 census

Address: Gedney Hill Gate, Gedney Hill
County: Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, Susanna Wife Married F 46 1805 Policeman's Wife
Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, Thomas Son Unmarried M 15 1836
Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, Edward Son M 13 1838
Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, Silvanus Son M 11 1840
Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, Alfred William Son M 8 1843
Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, Ruth Daughter F 7 1844 Scholar
Gedney Hill,

1851 census

Address: Front Street, Stretham
County: Cambridgeshire

PAUL, William Head Married M 66 1785 Ag Lab Superand
Stretham, Cambridgeshire
PAUL, Ann Wife Married F 61 1790
Stretham, Cambridgeshire
BROUGHTON, James Lodger Married M 35 1816 Rural Police Officer (Formerly Tailor)
Skillington, Rutland
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1841 census

Address: Gedney Hill, Gedney Hill
County: Lincolnshire

BROUGHTON, James M 30 1811 not born in county
BROUGHTON, Susanna F 35 1806 Lincolnshire
BROUGHTON, Thomas M 5 1836 Lincolnshire
BROUGHTON, Edward M 3 1838 Lincolnshire
BROUGHTON, Silvanus M 1 1840 Lincolnshire

the original image is so bad,,i cant make out James occupation.edit he was a Tailor.
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Name: BROUGHTON, Alfred William

Registration district: North Witchford

County: Cambridgeshire

Year of registration 1889
Quarter Apr-May-Jun
Age at death: 47
Volume no 3B
Page no 320
1891 census

Address: Newgate, Doddington
County: Cambridgeshire

BROUGHTON, Emma Head Widow F 52 1839 Laundress
Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire
BROUGHTON, John J Son Single M 13 1878 Farm Labourer
Secunderland, India
BROUGHTON, Annie Daughter Single F 12 1879 Scholar
1901 census

Address: Newgate, Doddington (Isle Of Ely), Doddington
County: Cambridgeshire

BROUGHTON, Emma Head Widow F 63 1838 Nurse Monthly
Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire
BROUGHTON, Elizabeth Annie Daughter Single F 21 1880 Sempstress
Wellington, India.
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Address:Newgate Street Doddington


BROUGHTON, Emma Head Widow F 73 1838 Monthly Nurse Whitlesea Cambs

BROUGHTON, Alfred Grandson M 5 1906 Doddington Cambs

living on same street,,,,her brother in law

Address:Newgate, Doddington (Isle Of Ely), Doddington


BROUGHTON, Thomas Head Widow F 64 1837 Masons Labourer Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire
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Thank you so much, you have really helped.
Do you think that the son Alfred Edward would have been in India too in 1881? I suppose this is why I have not been able to find him.
The other interesting thing is, that I have an old photo album dated 1897 & there is a photo in there with the photographer as John Blees India, so I now think this could be a photo of Alfred William.

Again thank you.
it is most probable that Alfreds family were with him when he was serving abroad.As a corporal or sergeant {you would have to check the service record to see when he was promoted} he would be entitled to take his family with him. His service record is quite detailed,and is available on FMP.
just to add Emma states in the 1911 ensus that she had 5 children,,,4 of which were alive,,and one that had died.

you have Alfred b 1872 John J b 1878 and Elizabeth Annie b c1879,,,so 2 more to find :D

John Thomas Broughton
India, Births and Baptisms, 1786-1947

birth 28 May 1877

christening 21 Jun 1877 Secunderabad, Madras, India

1877 Madras, India

parents Alfred William Broughton, Emma

Elizabeth Annie Broughton
India, Births and Baptisms, 1786-1947

birth 18 Mar 1880

christening 07 Apr 1880 Wellington, Madras, India

1880 Madras, India

parents Alfred William Broughton, Emma
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