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All Members Please Note!!!

There is a spate of begging pm's that have been posted to most of us as regards trying to help people transfer funds for them from a fictitious bank account. This has been reported to us and will be dealt with. We urge all our members NOT TO RESPOND TO THESE PM'S JUST DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY FROM YOUR INBOXES! this is JUST A SCAM!! This matter will be dealt with a.s.a.p.
best regards Sterico super moderator
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Hi all,

Thanks for the quick response Sterico and message here.

We are aware that some of you have received a spam pm from a so called member of the FHUK Community forums, which we sincerely apologise for.

The person concerned has been totally banned from the FHUK forums and website.

Unfortunately this sort of thing does happen from time to time and we at FHUK including all our moderators and admins are constantly trying to be vigilant, but for ease of use for members and users to get onto the forums, we are sure it will happen in the future.

As you may be aware, anyone with a legitimate email address (and this includes many free email addresses anyone can get quite easliy!) can join the forums and then send pm's to everyone and also put spam adverts on the public side of the forums for all to see.

We have looked at not allowing new users to send PM's to any other member until they have been a member for a certain period of time (for example a week or a month) - but many new members like some help early on.
We could also stop new members posting new mesages on the forum likewise, but again this would stop many people from joining in our community and asking for help.

We believe its a question of balance and would not like to restrict everyone just because of the odd few "idiots". Unless you know of a better way we could restrict them.

We assure you that we will try to stop anything like this and would ask all FHUK community members to report any of this immediately, so we can take action.

You can contact admins/moderators who may be online or contact FHUK direct via the contact us option above on the menu.

Kindest regards,
:kissu: :kissu:Hi
I'm glad you have told us that I had one the other day and was worried what it was about. My daughter told me it was a scam and told me to delete it which I did. I must say it did worry me.

Regards Pat
Seems to be all sorted for now.

But I am sure we will come across this again and we will try to repel them.

As I said earlier - please report it immediately.

You will find a Warning Triangle
at the bottom of each post - Click this to report that actual post post.

If you get a "dodgy" Private Message (PM) send (forward) the message to admin or one of the FHUK Moderators please

All the best,