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All Saints Day.


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swindon wilts
Today...not a manic religious person but go to church when i can....St Michaels in Highworth...my brother in law is the church warden.
Went today as it was two years ago his mother died,so they mention it and remember her in church,obviously still abit raw for my wife as she misses her mum terribly....anyway i like church and the theme today was All saints day....in the first days of the church the saints were the people who were around Jesus Christ and as the years went on it became more common to make saints out of mortal people,the church would canonise a person into sainthood usually years after death.
I find the church an incredibly complex kettle of fish....i love the buildings and history of it all and its amazing how the church was the centre point of nearly everyones lives,whether you liked it or not....as i battled my way through the wind and rain to Highworth this morning into the church it was a little sad to see the church half empty....its got alot of work to do to convince people to start going again...but i must say i enjoyed it this morning even if the old lady in front of me did give me a tut as i belted out Morning Has Broken into her rather large ears!
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