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Amusing errors is famly trees.


Staff member
We have talked about on A******y there being many trees which contain duff information and name collectors copying and pasting trees to add to their tree but I have come across many amusing errors which are beyond belief.

One tree has a lady who was born in 1612 and married in 1609.

And one person died as a baby then married aged 20.

And a lot of English people appeared to move to a place in America with the same name as their English place of residence. That is due to the drop down menus. My ancestors appeared to do a lot of Atlantic hopping. One family who never left Essex England happened to marry in Essex, Massachusetts, United States.

I only have 1 direct ancestor who flitted across the Atlantic and that was when his wife died. But the amount of people who magically appeared to Atlantic hop according to other trees is phenomenal.
I know, I think a lot of it is people trying to make the 'facts fit', or researching and assuming that the records is right, rather than check first:)
My ancestor who was born in Soho, London was down in a family tree as being born in Soho, New Jersey, USA. Gosh his father was a coachman but I didn't know he was a ships captain and went to America to have his final child. :2fun:
i recently found a funny one. my great aunt got married in 1930's her father gave her away i have photos to prove it. And yet on the marriage certificate he's DECEASED.who gave her away then A GHOST lol..:2fun: