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Amy Sarah Henderson b1856

Looking for death of Amy Sarah Henderson nee Horth who was born 13 Feb 1856 in Witham, Essex, and, married George Henderson at Brighton in 1876, she was my g grandmother and was still alive in the late 1940s or early 1950s. She lived in North London at that time, I believe in St.John's Wood area and had at least one spinster daughter living with her. I seem to vaguely remember visiting them when I was a child!
Hi John,

The nearest I could find was a Amy Henderson age 92 disrict Kensington
Apr/May/Jun 1/4 year 1952. Age is about 4yrs out. Looked from 1946-1959
Hi Julie,
You seem to be the main responder to my questions-you must be a research addict!
Well I suppose it could be her-maybe she moved or perhaps died in a Kensington area hospital?
Do you have to go through all the bmd indexes qtr by qtr and year by year-or is than easier way?
Hi John,

For later registrations I go through the index 1/4 by 1/4. The partial bmd index only goes so far and that isnt complete still on going.

Can be a bit tedious, I do tend to loose concerntration after a while though.
Hi Julie,
Many thanks for your hard if tedious work scanning the qtrs for Amy. I used to transcribe the freebmd indexes for the site but being only a 1 finger typist that was hard going but I did quite a lot before resigning my position!