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An interesting ancestor Peter Cartwright (c1555-1597)


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For ages I have tried to find the parentage of my ancestor Mary Cartwright who wed Sir Stephen Borde in 1605. Thankfully I have found out, and I had my eye on this Peter Cartwright for some time, and he is my flesh and blood. Wills are a total godsend and a lifeline I tell you.

I have a feeling that Peter came from Warrington in Lancashire (Now Cheshire). originally. In his will he mentions giving the town of Warrington 20 shillings a year as well as St Ives is Huntingdonshire. He mentions his brother Humphrey Cartwright, and gives his several shillings a year for his life. I did find a Humphrey Cartwright of Warrington who was a deacon and had done time for religion, and was said to be quite ill by 1596. He was said to be 47 in 1593, so born c1546. Not yet sure if it is the same Humphrey Cartwright brother of Peter but looks likely.

In 1585, Peter Cartwright was living in London when he married, then he later moved to King's Lynn in Norfolk and was Mayor there in 1591 as well as a merchant. In 1593 he was tried for selling corn to Flemish for exportation.

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