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Ancestor who got committed in 1848.


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Here is a story about my 4xgreat grandmother Sarah Bradford who got committed due to illness to St Marylebone Workhouse in December 1848.

She was born in about 1791 and was once married to George Coombs, my coachman ancestor. Through evidence I have concluded that she is the same Sarah and she either remarried or reverted back to her miaden name, and I favour the latter.

She had a son William, whose details match that of my ancestor William Coombs. My William Coombs was aged 12 in 1841 and was born in London and Sarah Bradford had a son William aged 12 in the 1841 census born in the county, which was London, Middlesex. To help confirm that, I cannot find William Coombs aged 12 in 1841 and he is not with his brother in Clerkenwell.

In the 1841 census Sarah is at 11 Carburton Street, Marylebone, London, a laundress. She was obviously a very busy lady as she witnessed the two marriages of her eldest son Matthew George Coombs in 1835 and 1845. She registered his first wifes death in early 1845 and one of his sons deaths in 1839. She was present at the deaths so she made a good carer. Little did she know that a few years later, she would also be committed to a workhouse for ill health.

She was admitted on the 8th December 1848, aged 57, of 11 Carburton Street, Marylebone, by a W Daniell, and her reason for admittance stated "Illness".

She remained in St Marylebone Workhouse for the rest of her life but she only lived for 2 years after admittance. Sarah died on the 16th February 1851 aged 60 of "Cerebral Disease". Unluckily this was just before the 1851 census where birthplaces were recorded. In 1841 she said she was not born in London.

Sarah's health obviously started deteriorating in about 1847 or during 1848 for her to be sent to the workhouse in December 1848. The admission doesnt state what illness she had and she died of cerebral disease 2 and a quarter years later. I think cerebral disease is a stroke.

I wonder if she had physical health problems or she flipped her lid and got committed. I may never know for certain but she was obviously in poor health in the final years of her life.


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