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Ancestors who died shortly before civil reg/census.


Staff member
We all have them, I have one who died in Feb 1851 in St Marylebone aged 60. She was on the 1841 census in the same parish in London (which came under Middlesex/and some in Surrey then) and she said she was not born in county of residence. Sarah popped it 6 weeks before the 1851 census which was the first to give birthplaces, even if just a county. But being in the workhouse if she had lived to see the 1851 census she may have put NK as some workhouse inmates did 1851-1911 census.

In 1841 my ancestor James Smith is a tinman and brazier in Oxford, not born in county and died in 1849 aged 59. I guess he may have been from a surrounding county but could have been from further away.
We definitely all have at least one awkward ancestor like that.

I have a 4xgt grandfather who was born 1802. He, at least makes the Censuses and gives pob as Two Waters near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. He was baptised aged 5 in Hemel Hempstead. Sometime between his baptism and the 1830's the family moved from Hertfordshire yo Durham. His parents, Francis and Mary, never even made the 1841 Census. I have no idea where they were from, when they married or even if they had any other children. Total brickwall.

However don't always believe what you read in the Censuses either. According to the 1841 Census I have a 3xgt grandfather born Lancashire. By the 1851 Census he was born Stepney which is correct as I have a copy of the baptism. If he hadn't made it to the 1851 Census, I would still be looking for a birth in Lancashire.

And a Matthew Bradford who died in July 1849 aged 83 in Essex who in 1841 said he was not born in county. I feel he came from Suffolk or Cambs. The 1765 one in Westley Waterless I think has been ruled out. I am working on the Hinxton one baptised there in 1767.