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Ancestors who worked away from home?


Staff member

I know people who have ancestors who worked in the transport industry such as railway labourers, coachmen and footmen often worked away from home but they would still have a usual residence.

If a London resident coachman with a wife and children was spending a week or so at his employers country estate and he started feeling ill, not suddenly but gradually such as with bronchitis or TB wouldn't it be usual for their employer to send them back home to their usual abode to live if they couldn't work?
Hi Ben,
I would suppose it depended on the employer at the time. If he was a caring one, then he would have him 'treated' wherever he was ill.
If he was sent 'back home' he could have died on the way. If he was ill, he would have a job driving a carriage or a horse drawn cart.

Lots of circumstances to be considered for poorly employees Ben.

Hi Steve

He might have had someone go with him for the journey. I suppose if they started feeling ill gradually then they may have kept having days off at home and then was unable to work any longer.