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Ancestorsd missing from a census.


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I have two cases where an ancestor is missing from a census but is found in the two censuses either side. It is annoying I know but as said there could be several reasons.

I suppose some of you have experienced the same where an ancestor is missing from say 1861 but is found in 1851 and 1871?

oh yes, lost some of my rellys on the 1901 until some eagle eye on here spotted them listed under wright instead of webb??, i had the address they lived at so that did help, but i think a lot of those enumerators couldnt spell or were a bit dim haha. suex
Usually a misspelling. But sometimes there are other reasons. If in Workhouse or asylumn sometimes the authorities only listed by initials. If its several family members missing more likely to be misspelling. The other more unusual reason is head joined army and the whole family was posted overseas. I have had 2 incidents where family members were wrongly ascribed to the head of the household (they and their parents were lodging there).
Hi all

I have lost my Green family in '81 and 91 They were William Green born 1851 Kinerton, Warwickshire, Mary (was Jones) born 1876 Ponkey Denbighshire and son William born Eyton 1876. I am sure some how they were missed on the census for those years, they should I think be living in Ruabon Denbighshire.

Gwen :confused: :confused:

I am missing Henry Stock from the 1861 census. Aged 18 born Finchingfield, Essex. He is on the 1851 and 1871 census. His father died in 1858 in Hockley, Essex and his stepmum died in Great Burstead in 1856.

He must have been in the Rochford or Billericay area as his siblings were. Maybe he was somehow not enumerated or he was overseas temporarily or he was mistranscribed or not transcribed and is lurking somewhere awaiting discovery.

He wed in Leigh On Sea, Essex in 1866.


Certainly a possibility. If not then I am not sure what happened to him in 1861.

Same with William Taylor, born Wimbish, who is on 1871 and 1891. Not 1881.


Another problem is human error. Maybe the enumerator forgot to add them to the sheets or even missed a house or street. Or it could be due to the person filling in the form. He/she may have forgot to add a member of the household or lodger, visitor to the census. Some people probably were not enumerated.