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Ancestry DNA matches for Dad not Me???


New member
Myself and my Dad have both taken DNA tests and the result show as ive always known that he is 100%my dad.
However, the many of the matches my dad gets on Ancestry DNA do not appear in my matches.
I would understand this if they were quite low cM matches, however some of my dads matches are in the 100-200cM, but dont appear as a match to me at all.
Anyone able to explain the reason why that might be the case?
thank for your help in advance
I am not an expert on DNA but wonder if t is down to what you have inherited from your father.
If you haven't got those specific genes you won't get the matches.
I would think they could be second or third cousins of your father's, so maybe they are not showing up as your cousins.
Someone may know more and comment differently though.