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Ancestry free

Marsh Gibbon in Bucks. I know FMP has some transcripts but they are only BT's and they just list the name and date of 1754 onwards wedding whereas I want the witnesses to any Smith, Hawkes or Pollard weddings there.
As far as I was aware, FMP has Parish Transcripts as well as BT's. Perhaps I'm mistaken. Also, Bt's are used quite widely in Anc. When I compare those with my PR CD's for Bucks, they also contain the same BT's, where PR's fail to exist, or are lost/destroyed.

What Parishes in Berks Ben,?.....there are a few that are included in Oxfordshire. I have some, but not many for Berks.
Having checked, it does seem thankfully that original PR's for Marsh Gibbon do survive and are deposited with Bucks RO. I think as far as I am aware the FMP Marsh Gibbon ones are "indexes" as it says on the FamilySearch website.

Witnesses to ancestors marriages is fundamental, and the word fundamental is an understatement.

I would love Anc to release Berks PR's with images as a whole so I can progress further back on my lines. Especially with my William Abel born c1715 who wed Martha Unknown as they may have been from Berkshire originally but lived in Oxfordshire by 1742ish. No trace of them in Oxon prior to then.

I know you sent me some Berks CD's years ago Steve but there are gaps in the Cumnor records, but it does seem the missing years are covered on Anc. I believe my Robert Lambourne of Brightwell cum Sotwell Berkshire may be from Cumnor originally. He wed Ann Unknown about 1715. A Robert Lambourne (mistranscribed as Lambell) was baptised in 1692 in Cumnor. His parents names are John and Eliz, and other children are said to be Lambourne.
Ah yes. I did wonder if I'd sent them. Old age has crept up on me Ben.:ROFLMAO:

Oh, Lambourne. I have those in my tree. Twyford to North Marston, then Cheddington and eventually Aylesbury Bucks.