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Ancestry search showing wrong results


New member
Has anyone else noticed that Ancestry searches don't display the right results, specifically for the plus/minus n years feature?

Here is a simple example -
Go to record collection 'London, England, Wills and Probate 1507-1858'.
Enter first name 'Ann', last name 'Carter', probate year 1829 plus or minus 2 years.
Shows one result, Ann Carter of Middlesex.

Go to Edit Search. Change probate year to 1830 plus or minus 2 years.
Shows no results. Obviously Ann Carter 1829 should be shown.

This is very misleading because people may believe there is no information on their ancester when in fact it is there. I reported it to Ancestry Support nearly a year ago but it's still not working.

Any ideas how we can get Ancestry to fix it?
Many thanks.

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