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And the wall came tumbling down.....

Just had to post my joy at finally resolving my brickwall......i got interested in genealogy when my mum gave me all the family photos...One of them was my great great grandmother Florence Timperley b 1858. That photo got me started on the trail. I found her marriage,where she was recorded as Florence EYMES Smith.,,i found her mother and father,,,,but i could not find her birth. The reason it was so difficult was this,,,,,,
the earliest census i could find her on was the 1871,,,she was with her mother and father,,,john and margaret smith. I could not find a john and margaret smith with a florence Smith on the 1861. Then i found a john and margaret smith with a florence HAINES age 3 on the 1861.After much searching i finally found the marriage of a john Smith and a Margaret HAMES...This proved to be the couple with the florence HAINES. So i looked for a birth of a florence HAMES/HAINES.....couldnt find one,,,,,then found a birth of a florence AMS !!! The certificate arrived today......I was on tenterhooks opening the envelope,,,,all i wanted to see was ,,that her mother was a Margaret,,and that there was no father....And i wasnt disappointed !!
So Florence was illigitimate,,,her mother was illiterate,,she made her mark on the birth cert....when the enumerator was taking the 1861 census,he misheard her surname,,so he put haines instead of hames or ams...florence was enumerated as a smith in the 1871...when she married,,she must have had a memory of her mothers surname...hence the eymes name on her marriage cert.
What a nightmare it was with all the variations on her surname etc,,,,but it goes to show,that if you stick with it,,and pick up on little clues..you can break down those walls. Im so happy..i cant get the grin off my face today..:biggrin:
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