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And we think Smith is a common surname.


Staff member
Apparently in China in 2000, a colossal 92 million people have the surname Wang. Chinese for King. Slightly similar sounding words then.

Imagine trying to find a ancestor in China with that surname and a first name that is the most common Chinese forename. Makes our John Smith's sound easy.
When I started looking up the family tree my sister remarked that as our grandmother was a smith it would be difficult to trace:(
But on looking up grans father a Job Smith it was easier than many others - they just had to have an unusual first name:D


Plus the fact that he was born in Ugley, Essex
So I have the Ugliest relatives:p
My maiden name was Smith. My father's mother was a Smith who married a Smith - a double whammy. Christian names such as John, William and Ellen/Mary Ellen didn't help much. However there are times when I have found the more unusual surnames more difficult to trace because no one knew how to spell them so there are lots of variations. At least with Smith you can't go far wrong.
At one point I thought I'd got away with Smith, Brown and Jones, I just had to look further back than most to find some. Athough the Brown I have has an E on the end.