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sorry as i dont have a lot of info and just going by what my husband has been told we know not alot so wi would any information


Hi Linda
Would you have a rough idea what era we are looking at, such as late 1800's or early 1900's etc. Do you know any names of the kids they had? Sometimes if a marraige cant be found we can find a lead to them through their kids births etc.

hi gibbo

one of francis anderson children where agnes allison anderson born april 6 1921 in glasgow


Hi linda
I dont know if this link will help or not. There is a contact email on there so could be worth emailing them and see what they have. Anderson is a common name but you might be lucky as this lot come from the same area and some of the names are similar to yours so could be worth a try.


I found the birth of Agnes on www.scotlandspeople.org
1921 Anderson Agnes Allison Partick Glasgow.Lanarckshire
Ref.no. 644/22/0503

I could not find a marriage for these two between 1850 -1925

I would suggest that you send for Agnes's birth certificate which may give you more details. Usually it has the date of the marriage and where on the birth cert. There was no image that I could look at for the birth. You could order it only. You will have to pay for it on this site.

You are welcome !

I am only sorry that I could not come up with the marriage. If you join Scotlandspeople yourself , you might be able to find the marriage.

Sometimes different spellings occur, or the dates were out somewhat.
Where did she get married ? Perhaps the marriage cert. would give some clues.