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Andrew CHALMERS & Elizabeth ARROL


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Andrew CHALMERS & Elizabeth ARROL
Marriage: 13 Jun 1872 High Church, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland


I'd like some help with this one please.

Mother Jane not Jean (yes they are interchangeable) and M.S. Butcher not Butchard or Butchart although there is a long curl on the final letter, as there is on other words on the page.

1872 Thirteenth June at Young St Free Church ? Dennistoun Glasgow after Banns according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland.

(Signed) Andrew Chalmers his x mark - Iron Work Labourer (Bachelor) 26 -127 Castle Street Glasgow
(Signed) Elizabeth Arrol her x mark - Cotton Yarn Winder (Spinster) 19 - 127 Castle Street Glasgow

George Chalmers - Iron Work Labourer and Euphemia Chalmers M.S. Glendinning, deceased
James Arrol - Warper, deceased and Jane Arrol M.S. Butcher

(Signed) William Murray ? Mackay ? Minister
(Signed) John Hill Witness - Jane Arrol Witness

1872 June 15th at Glasgow ... ? ... ? Registrar
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occupation of Andrew and Elizabeths father looks like butcher. 127 castle street Glasgow. father name Perre Chambers mother ? Glendining .

edit sorry butcher is batchelor lol

brides parents James Arrol and Jane Butcher
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Hello Alison,

Thanks. Not sure it's Perre or George because it looks like Gerrge.

I agree it's Glendinning/Glendenning.

I'll see if I can find that marriage and a birth for Andrew. Age at marriage and age in next census are 5 years different. :eek:
Extracted IGI record:

Marriage: 17 Jul 1840 Glasgow, Lanark

Submitted IGI record:

Andrew born 1848 Glasgow, Lanark

I can't find a record on SP for Andrew 1843 - 1851 in Lanark.
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Trying to prove that all the new references I'm finding for Butcher are actually the Butchard/Butchart I have.

I have a Glendinning too but don't know if there is a connection yet to this new one.

Births Jun 1879
Glendining Florence Emma Hendon 3a 131

RG11 Piece / Folio 1358 / 79 Page 8
Census Place Harrow On The Hill, Middlesex, England
Dwelling 2 Arthur Cottage Siding Road
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
James GLENDINNING Head M Male 41 Dumfriesh, Scotland Farm Labourer
Agnes S. GLENDINNING Wife M Female 35 Selkirk, Scotland
William GLENDINNING Son U Male 16 Glasgow, Scotland Plumbers Labourer
John GLENDINNING Son U Male 13 Dumfriesh, Scotland Labourer
Janet GLENDINNING Daur U Female 11 Dumfriesh, Scotland Scholar
Robert GLENDINNING Son U Male 8 Dumfriesh, Scotland Scholar
Walter GLENDINNING Son U Male 5 Wembley, Middlesex, England Scholar
Agnes GLENDINNING Daur U Female 3 Wembley, Middlesex, England
Margaret GLENDINNING Daur U Female 3 Wembley, Middlesex, England
Florence GLENDINNING Daur U Female 1 Wembley, Middlesex, England
I have John b1872 GUISBOROUGH Cleveland England
stanley b1904 DARLINGTON County Durham England
Stanley b1927 Clifton Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

If you find them in your tree let me know and Ill give you more details :)
Hello Alison,

I don't have those three in my tree. Actually, I only have the youngest, Florence in my tree, as she married in Australia.



My 2x great grandparents are Andrew Chalmers and Elizabeth Arrol. I have trees going back further on the Chalmers, Arrol and Glendinning sides if these are of interest to you? How are you related to Andrew & Elizabeth?

Kind regards

Hello Greg,

welcome to FHUK

Not a direct line of mine. Samuel ANGEL who married Janet ARROL on 13 June 1846 559/9 FR3056 Janet Arroll - Married by Wm. Baird, Minister - Abbey Paisley is a brother of my gg grandfather Stephen ANGEL. So related are in my tree.

Some help in checking what I have for ARROL and related would be handy. Thanks.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks. I think I have her on my tree. Assume this is the Janet who had a daugher Christina Arrol in 1861 and then married John Craig in 1864?

Kind regards

Hello Greg,

Yes, Janet's 6th child and one she had after spouse Samuel had died - in Victoria, Australia in 1856. He followed his brother Stephen to Victoria. I have a transcription of the Paupers Register from Paisley Library for Samuel & Janet listing some children.

b. 15 Mar 1861 High Church Paisley, Renfrew
Mother Janet ARROL

I had a possible death for Christina in 1862.

Yes it has her maiden name not married name ANGEL:

John CRAIG & Janet ARROL
16 Sep 1864 High Church, Paisley, Renfrew


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Forgot to say; would be happy to help in checking what you have for the Arrols. Please let me know which people/lines in particular you want to check details for.


I have the same details for the daughter Christina b. 15 March 1861. I also think the death in 1862 is correct - 2 July 1862 at 69 Causeyside. The address certainly fits as Janet's mother, Ann Arrol nee Tytler was living there between 1861 and 1863 when she died.

Kind regards


Ok, thanks. I'll go through them in turn starting tomorrow.

If you have any queries you can ask too and I might have something you don't have.

I only have a transcription someone gave me:

Ann Arrol, widow of John Arrol (Weaver)
Died: 22nd August 1863, aged 78yrs
At 69 Causeyside Street Paisley
William Tytler, Writers Clerk (deceased)
Christina Tytler M.S. Langmuir (deceased)
Cause of death: Palsy - 10 weeks
Informant: James Arrol, 65 Canal Street Paisley
My transcription done 5 years ago in Paisley Library:

Index to Paupers 1839-1883 - Series 11 Vol 11/1-11/20
Statement #6478 17 Feb 1853 Angell Samuel
Samuel Angel age 27 and wife aged 26 of Charleston Abbey - Samuel 2 1/2 and John 5/12
Place of Birth: 99 Causeyside - Can read - cannot write
Parents: Thomas Angel Dead Mary Clark Dead
John Arrol Dead Ann Tytler Alive

99 Causeyside 1826-1832
13 Prussia St 1832-1846
13 Bridge St June 1846 - Feb 1853

Employed as a Starcher by Tho, Dykes - No Means - Earnings 11/- Weekly from Parish.
Has a brother Thomas in England and his family chargable Feb Mar Apr 1853
Samuel went from Paisley 10 June 1854
[Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923
Sep 1854 'Fitzjames' Angel Saml age 27 - Fiche 076 page 011]
and died 9 Jan 1856 Carduory ? near Melbourne, Vic. [Corduory Bridge Ballarat died 8th]
Widow applies living in 3 Smith Sq Abbey Parish since June 1854 prior 13 Bridge St June 1846 - June 1854.
Works in Rodgers Mill - Has average 6/- weekly - Lives with Mother who keeps children in her absence.
John 4 yrs on 13th Ult.
Mary 18mo on 19th Ult.


Thanks. That matches the details I have. I only have my notes as I transcribed it from the record on a visit to Edinburgh. I do not have a copy of the entry.

I would like to be able to push the Arrol line back fruther but I cannot get beyond Ann and her husband John Arrol. I know he died between 1831 (birth of last child Mary) and before the 1841 census.

Ann Arrol nee Tytler was born 15 Aug 1789 and christened 20 August 1789 at the Middle Church, Paisley. Married John Arrol on 18 May 1815 at High Church, Paisley. I have a copy of the baptism entry if you would like it?

I don't have the Samuel Angel details on my tree as I wasn't sure this was the same Janet Arrol when I came accross the marriage. If you could send birth, marriage, death and children's details for my tree that would be great.

I will work through whatever you send over tomorrow.

Kind regards


I've had no luck pushing that line back either. Actually lucky I managed to get all four names from the Paupers Register.

I'll prepare something tomorrow.



Posts keep crossing! Thanks for sending through the pauper's entry. I did not have that. A very helpful genealogical source.

I have come accross on the internet an entry in the same register of paupers for Janet's brother James Arrol (b.c.1822) dated 10 December 1857 but it is incomplete. If you happen to have a transcript of that I would be very interested also.

Kind regards