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Anglican Clergy list?

I am trying to confirm that around 1605-1619 Richard Clarke or Clerke was the vicar at Braithwell, nr Doncaster. Does anyone have access to a source that will confirm this?
Hello duckweed,

Have you tried CCEd? Clergy of the Church of England.

I can't get the drop down boxes to work with my browser Chrome for some reason.

Ok, they are working.

It has Braithwell with Bramley and for 1600-1620 I get no hits.

It has a list of vicars and curates for 1711 - 1797.

Nothing earlier.
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Thanks Dave you have done it again. I am writing a biography for Maria Blythe nee Clarke. Most of the biography is obviously about her life as wife of Captain William Blythe, a parliamentarian and a devout religious man.
Obviously I need to know what background she came from. I found her marriage to William at Braithwell and then her baptism in 1609 and it said father Richard Clerke. I did a search and found there was only one Richard Clarke at Braithwell that would fit, the vicar. His children were born between 1605 and 1619.

There is a suggestion when I googled him that he was a puritan although Anglican cleric, which would fit with who William Blythe was mixing with. Other relatives of Richard Clarke became Quakers.

He first married a cousin of parliamentary colonel John Bright but that marriage ended tragically. Probably as a result of childbirth. He then married Maria or Mary. After the civil war they applied to have meetings in their house and a school "being of a presbterian persuasion".

William's son carried that on, and his son eventually became a clergyman and his son helped found the Unitarian Church in Birmingham.

So a lot of non-conformist history here.
I came across lots of stuff and I'm sure you've seen most of it including this one:


That previous said one of these names - meaning there were three with the same name. Or am I reading that the wrong way?

This does not mention Braithwell:

Clerke, Richard.
Matric. pens. from CHRIST'S, Dec. 1579.
B. in London. B.A. 1582-3; M.A. 1586; B.D. 1593; D.D.
1598. Fellow, 1583-98. Lady Margaret Preacher, 1596.
V. of Minster, Thanet, 1597-1634. Six-preacher, Canterbury,
1602. R. of Snargate, 1609-11. V. of Monkton with Birchington,
1611-34. One of the translators of the Bible. Died
1634. Buried in Canterbury Cathedral, Sept. 29. Will (Consist.
C. Cant.) 1634. Legacy to Christ's College and St Paul's
School. Father of James (1623), and Martin. (H. G. Harrison;
Peile, I. 156; D.N.B.)

Do we have 2x Richard Clerke who were translators of the Bible? Probably not.
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What about viewing the film of the marriage register?

Several marriages can be found in IGI batches:



Years include 1604, 1609, 1610, 1614, 1617 and I'm still searching.

If you are trying to show that the Richard who was vicar at Braithwell is the same Richard the Bible translator who died 1634 then it looks as though they were not.

One of these names vicar of Braithwell, Yorks, 1600-38.

It will be difficult finding more about Richard, the vicar of Braithwell.
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No I don't think he fits as the bible translator. He could have still been a puritan or non conformist but I am inclined to think he wouldn't have been called one in the early 1600.

But he would have had to have been leaning that way for the Blythes to associate with him. This Richard Clark seems to have had a father or grandfather who was a clergyman in the area by the same name. There is mention of him in the Earl of Arundels papers. Richard may be mentioned in the papers somewhere because the earl had say in who was appointed.

I haven't found Richard's marriage yet but may find that in the Sheffield Archives, as well as his appointment as vicar.

It is interesting because I have had a history group from the area come to me and ask if I would give them a talk about Bishops House and if I could show how their area connects would be nice.
Done 2 stories now.
Agnes Blythe who lived from 1524-1584
Maria Blythe from 1609-not sure when
Then I am hoping to put Saley Whites story born 1845 in Bishops House
Ok, that makes sense. It's not the Bible translator.

I found the name of one of the vicars there in 1500s but not the one preceding Richard.

I've found nothing more on the Richard you want.
Found Maria died 1556.
Started doing Saley's history but then thought I need someone from Georgian period so started looking at Mary Richardson who married Samuel Blythe, the last Blythes to live in Bishops House.

Turns out her maternal grandfather Thomas Youle was mayor of Derby 3 times. Her fathers family are down as Gentlemen and seem to have worked for Lord Sheffield as Bailiffs on the Derbyshire Nottinghamshire border.

Possibly explains why her son became Council clerk for Derby and she moved to Derby after Samuel's death.

Samuel himself is an interesting person. His stepfather built Matlock Baths as a way to bring tourists to the area. But there is an amazing number of influential non-conformists involved in this family, all inter-married. One of his sons died as a missionary I think. They had a lot of children but most died before reaching 18.