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V18381762 22/1838 WRIGHT WILLIAM - BUTLER ANN - CB

Page 47
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of St. John's Parramatta in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1838
No. 196
William Wright of this Parish
Ann Butler of this Parish
married in this Church by Banns with consent of -
Sixteenth day of July 1838 By me Henry H. Bobart Officiating Minister
The x of William Wright, Ann signed
Witnesses: Elizabeth Kentwell, the x of John Kentwell

Baptisms in the Parish of - in the County of - 18
Rubina Write - William Write & Anne Butler Abode: - Quality or Profession: - When Born: August 8 1842 When Baptised: November 12th Where Baptised: R C Church Parramatta Clergyman Officiating: Nicholas Coffey No: 157


The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 16 September 1867 p.1
On the 13th instant, at Smithfield, Mrs. ANN WRIGHT, mother of Samuel and James Butler, also of Mrs. John C. Barker, Parramatta, much respected by all who knew her.


St John's Parramata
No. 58
Edward Ash Bachelor England Farmer 25 Sherwood ? Edward Ash Elizabeth ( - ) -
Robenia Wright Spinster N.S.W. - 19 Woodlands ? William N... ? Ann ... ?
January 1 1861 By me R. M. King
Both signed
Witnesses: Christ. A. Chanstiz ?, Jessie Alexander

The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 29 August 1932 p.8
ASHE.-August 28, 1932, at Eton-street, Smithfield, Robinia Ashe, relict of the late Edward Ashe, in her 91st year.

So why no mention of daughter Mrs Ashe?
No age at death in 1867 for Ann.

Birth for her as DUNN ? with parents Thomas & Rose ??

Thanks Geoff.

I can look that up tomorrow at local library.

Probably ending up with another convict.

1st Marriage V18233061 3B/1823 BUTLER SAMUEL - DUNN ANN CB= St. Johns Parramatta

1823 January 7 Samuel Butler Ann Dunn Special License St. Johns Parramatta St.J.ParramattaB

Witnesses: Elizabeth Kentwell, the x of John Kentwell

I have a William KENTWELL convict.
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Thomas Dunne Countess of Harcourt Age - 33; Sentence - Life; Condition - Ticket of Leave.
Rose Magarry Edward Age - 24; Sentence - 7 yrs; Condition - Bond.
19 Mar 1832 Revd C. P. N. Wilton Newcastle NRS 12212 [4/4508; Fiche 780]

Oh 1832 ?? Ok can't be that one

DUNN Thomas Countess of Harcourt 1822 30/875 Ticket of Leave [4/4077; Reel 914] District: Patricks Plains; Tried: Kildare Co

DUNN Thomas 12188_4_4003_0137-138 Middlesex Middlesex 28/10/1796 7 years Hillsborough 339 011 See also ship page 326, entry 027. 432. 2nd list for Hillsborough not held.
DUNN Thomas 12188_4_4003_0137-138 Middlesex Middlesex 28/10/1796 7 years 20 Hillsborough 1150_SZ115_0502 326 027 See also ship page 339, entry 011. 432
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Bap V18061712 1A/1806 DUNN ANN THOMAS ROSE

Ann Daughter of Thomas & Rose Dunn Born July 11, 1806 and Baptised 1807 April 3 CofE St. Philip's Sydney by Chaplain Henry Fulton (usual Chaplain Samuel Marsden was away from the colony)

Bap V1806994 4/1806 DUNN ANN THOMAS ROSE

Ann Dunn Daughter of Thomas Dunn and Rose his Wife Born July 11th 1806 and Baptised April 3, 1807 By Me Henry Fulton
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