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According to 1867 shipping record Ann was born in 1847 in London. From death reg father = John and mother not listed. However, several trees have her birth in Ireland. Also possible John is an error and if so father could be Michael. :rolleyes:

I'd like a look up please for the family in London/Middlesex/Surrey in 1851 assuming Ann(e) was born in England 1846-1848 and father = John or Michael. I hope there are not too many.

The marriage details have her father as Michael..

Can't see an obvious birth in London area...

Or a census in 1851, something to ponder for 1861.

1861 Census.

Ann Marney.[Ann Murney]
Age: 15
abt 1846

Father - Michael Murney

Born -London, England
Civil parish: Southwark St George
Eccl parish- Southwark St Jude
Reg dist - St George Southwark
Sub-reg district - London Road
ED -4

Piece.333. Folio.19. Page-38

Michael Murney 48 [b. Ireland, occ: general servant]
Ellen Barrett 44 [b. Ireland, general servant]
Ann Marney 15
John Marney 13


Edit: There are possible births for a John Marney.
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Thanks Geoff.

Assisted to NSW Arrived 16 Feb 1867
SWEENEY John 24 Burlington 1867 Sydney and wife Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2485, [4/4992]
SWEENEY Anne 20 Burlington 1867 Sydney and husband Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2485, [4/4992]

John 24 Labourer St Pictorceu ? Cork I R.C. Both
Anne 20 Wife London E R.C. Both

The trees have Ann's birth as 1847 Ireland but that's not what shipping record says. I can't work out the place of origin in Cork for John.

If Ann was of 'full age' in 1866 then how can her birth be in 1847 as per trees? Age in shipping record must be a bit out. I suspect the 1847 came from the age 20 in shipping record.

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So, what to believe?

MARNEY or MAHONEY or other ??

Father = John or father = Michael ??

Born 1847 or at least 21 in 1866 ??

Born London, England or Cork, Ireland ??

16 possible combinations.

The John/Anne marriage details look good, but with other snippets being wrong or out it is difficult, as you say, to know what to believe.

The 1851 census may be pivotal, but I couldn't see it...

Perhaps one of the Irish souls may have some ideas!
Yes Geoff, more likely to be Michael as per marriage than NSW informant for John on death reg. More likely to be born before 1847, so again 'full age' on marriage probably more reliable than '20' on shipping record.

I spent the day at the State Library but didn't look this one up on shipping reels. :rolleyes: The 2nd reel might have something extra on it. I'll return to this after I've viewed the film.