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Ann Moyse and parents


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I need some help with beginners geneology. I'm trying to verify details of my grandfather's grandmother and her possible parents. I have an Ancestry subscription and been looking up on FamilySearch as well, but I'm new to these.

Ann Moyse (also spelled Moyes, and Moise on an 1881 Canada census) was apparently born April 1st abt 1843 in Devon, England, but another listing in familysearch shows her, or another Ann Moyse, born/christened in Otterham, Cornwall. She emmigrated to Canada at some time, lived in Newcastle, Ontario Canada, died Jun 17 1907.

Is there any way of locating cause of death?

The 1881 or 1891 Canada census shows her mother, Mary Moyse, widow, living with her along with her husband John Cowling and their many children.

I found an Ann Moyse in the 1851 England census, 8 years old, her father, James Moyse, and her mother, Marianne Moyse. Living with them was apparently Marianne's mother, Mary Saunders, a 78 year old Pauper.

I need help verifying where Ann Moyse was born in England and who her parents were, as there seem to be multiple Ann Moyses her age! What they did for a living, where they lived in England, how they died, and when she emmigrated would be great.

My first post dissapeared.
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