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Marriage in Victoria:

Given Names: Thomas
Event: M
Spouse Surname/Father: DODD
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Anne
***: M
Year: 1861
Reg Number: 54A

Something has been changed on the record. Is DODD her maiden name? When and where was Anne born?

Thomas died in 1862 in Ballarat. Age at death is a bit out. He was born in Cornwall in 1827. One tree has his death as 24 June 1862.

There is this marriage:

Name: Jonas Ackroyd
Spouse Name: Ann Nancarrow
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1862
Registration Number: 4349

Victorian BMDs don't list place of marriage.

Name: Jonas Ackroyd
Death Place: Ballarat, Victoria
Age: 80
Registration Year: 1891
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 8873
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1811

I can't find a death for Anne.

I can't answer the question: Did Anne remarry quickly because she had a small child?

Just to complicate things there are these marriages also in Victoria.

DODD John & Ann BENNETT 1860

DODD Robert & Anne JOYCE 1850

This has been in the 'too hard basket' for several years. :biggrin:


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Thanks gibbo. :)

I'd better bookmark that site.

ACKROYD JONAS 82 23/07/1891

No Ann(e) there.
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Thanks gibbo. :)

Very interesting. The fire and the marriage both in 1862.

I really need Ann's death with if not parents then at least age.

I'm still thinking DODD is her married name and therefore at least 3 marriages.
I know Ann and Nancarrow werent married long but did they have a baby? If so might be able to track her through looking for the child.
I can't answer that one. I have found nothing that says they did and that was the reason for the marriage to Jonas. We have not even proved it's the same Ann yet. Lots of different NANCARROW families in Ballarat, not that I have yet found a 2nd Ann.

No NANCARROW births in Vic. BMD index from 1860 with father = Thomas

I've been searching for a good tree for Thomas.

Nothing that helps by googling 'anne dodd'

Better move on. :D
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I was hoping to find a marriage notice for Jonas Ackroyd and Ann, figured if we could get a month of when that marriage took place and see if its before or after Thomas's death. Thought it might help to see if its the right Ann or not but i cant find a marriage notice:rolleyes:

Yep moving on :2fun::2fun: