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Another ANDERSON family


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Chorlton Upon Medlock, All Saints, Lancashire (registration district decayed)
ANDERSON Robert head 1816 age 35 upholster Lancashire Preston
ANDERSON Eliza wife 1817 age 34 Cheshire Northerich (could be Northwich)
ANDERSON Robert son 1844 age 7 Lancashire Manchester
(The rest of census is black)

Deaths Dec 1856
ANDERSON Eliza Chorlton 8c 314
Deaths Sep 1858
ANDERSON Eliza Chorlton 8c 307
Deaths Mar 1862
ANDERSON Eliza Chorlton 8c 443

Arrival of three of four children:

Departed Plymouth 4 Oct 1863 Arrived Sydney (in quarantine) 18 Jan 1864
ANDERSON Robert 20 'Ida' 1864 Sydney and relations Reel 2139, [4/4798]; Reel 2482, [4/4986]
ANDERSON Esther 10

Relation in Colony: Robert Anderson "father" Woollomooloo.

Robert senior arrived in Australia before 18 Jan 1864. ???

Son Charles Thomas b. 1845 Chorlton arrived before 1869. ???

Sands Directory N.S.W. 1868
ANDERSON C T 100 Hunter st.


Dave, do you have them in the 1861 census? Just wondering as it might help narrow some years down for Robert and Charles maybe.
Not sure, gibbo. I'll have to search the queries to see if a look up has been done for 1861 or not.

EDIT: None of them can be found in 1861 - not even the three who left in 1864.
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So your Robert Anderson snr married a Mary Murray in 1864


This dont help any with his arrival but i thought it was interesting. A Mary Murray had someone on the same Ship as the Anderson's.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)
Tuesday 19 January 1864

Name of immigrant ..............Name of Depositor
ANDERSON Robert ................... Robert Anderson
Emma ................... ditto
Esther ................... ditto
ANDREWS Patrick ................. Mary Murray
Did he? News to me gibbo. :2fun:

Given Names: Robert
Event: M
Spouse Surname/Father: EDWARDS
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Rachel Mary
***: M
Death Place:
Year: 1873
Reg Number: 140

1909 VIC Electoral Roll - Fawkner - Toorak
ANDERSON Rachel Mary, 3 Woodside cres., Toorak, home duties
ANDERSON Robert, 3 Woodside cres., Toorak, accountant

Correct parents on this death reg:

Given Names: Robert
Event: D
Spouse Surname/Father: Anderson Robert
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Eliza MORRIS
Age: 74
Age Code:
Birth Place:
Death Place: St Kilda
Year: 1917
Reg. Number: 14230
Ooops a boo boo again redf) Having a few of those lately :2fun::2fun:
Do i ever confuse you? :2fun::2fun:

Ok i'll have another go and see what i can find :biggrin:
I mean I have no knowledge of it or nothing that says he did.

I don't suppose that marriage is in TROVE.

No mention of a spouse:

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954) - Tuesday 22 October 1889 p.1
ANDERSON.-On the 19th inst., at the residence of his son-in-law, John Abbott, of Montague-street, Albert-park, Robert Anderson, of Manchester, England, upholsterer, in his 75th year. Father of Robert and Charles Thomas Anderson, and Emma (Mrs. Abbott) and Esther Wilkinson (Mrs. Williams).

Nothing in his will:

Robert Anderson Upholsterer South Melb 19 Oct 1889
The will of Robert Anderson – Montaque Street, South Melbourne
Sons Robert Anderson, Charles Thomas Anderson
Daughters Emma Abbott, Esther Wilkinson Williams
Executors of Will son Robert Anderson, son-in-law John Abbott
I cant see a marriage in Trove for Anderson and Murray. So Robert snr was in NSW but obviously moved to VIC where he died. Wonder if there is anything to this Mary Murray or just a coincidence that they both had people on the same ship and there is a marriage with the same names :confused:

I found what i think is the death for Patrick Andrews, i was hoping it might lead somewhere but his death index has no parents noted and his death in Trove says he got run over by a train but no family names etc :rolleyes:
I dunno. ;) Coincidence or not. ???

It is a very common name. Not in TROVE.

I can't see a tree.
The Sydney Morning Herald - Thursday 11 June 1874 p.1
ANDERSON-SAND.-May 25, by the Rev. Adam Thomson, at the residence of the bride's parents, Charles Thomas, second son of Mr. Robert Anderson, late of Manchester, England, to Jane, youngest daughter of Mr. William Sand, 190 Sussex-street, Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 26 August 1940 p.7
ANDERSON.-The Friends of Miss A. ANDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. G. ANDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. C. ANDERSON, and Mr. and Mrs. C. FARMER are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved FATHER and FATHER-IN-LAW, Charles Thomas Anderson, which will leave his late residence, 98 Farr Street Rockdale, THIS MONDAY, after Service commencing at 1.30 p.m. for the Congregational Cemetery Woronora.
J. and C. HARDY, A.F.D.A. Rockdale and Hurstville.

Surname: ANDERSON Type: Burial
First Name: CHARLES Other Names: T
Date of Death: 24/08/1940 ?
Location Section Position
Congregational SECTION CC 0016

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) - Monday 25th January 1915
ANDERSON.–On the 22nd January, at Melbourne, while on a visit, Jane, the loved wife of Charles Thomas Anderson, of “Ardath” Farr Street Rockdale Sydney, and loved sister-in-law of Mrs. Emma Abbot, of Malvern, and Robert Anderson, of Toorak, aged 67 years.

Just finished searching TROVE for 'c t anderson'
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Think i have C.T in 1863. Yeah i know it only shaves a year of the 1864 date:2fun::2fun:

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875)
Wednesday 15 April 1863

Glebe elections Friends and supporters of the honorable Thomas Ware Smart

etc etc James Jeffries John Donohoe C. T. Anderson Walter Pratt etc etc ....
Yeah i seen that, i got the dates for Robert and C.T mixed up:rolleyes: Robert was before 1864 and C.T was 1868. Got it together now :biggrin:

If C.T was here in 1863 i wonder if he come out here with his father.
Well, prove it. :2fun:

I'm wondering if Glebe fits. I have nothing that shows any of the family in that part of Sydney. There is a 2nd C T in NSW.

The shipping record says 'Woolloomooloo' and Palmer Street is in Woolloomooloo.

1873 N.S.W. Sands Directory
ANDERSON Charles, upholsterer, 91 Palmer st.
I was trying to prove it and then you went and got all technical on me with different areas of Sydney :2fun::2fun::2fun: I'll keep trying tho :biggrin:
All technical. :2fun:

Well, I thought I had a 2nd C T but I can't prove it.

I've found him heading off to Melbourne. Mrs C T advertised for a servant.
Here is another puzzle. The youngest daughter:


No sign of a marriage or a death.