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Another cemetery look up

Hi there, I don't know if anyone can help me but I am requesting a grave look up and a cremation look up.

I am trying to find where in Allerton Cemetery (Liverpool, UK), Ellen/Eleanor Page was buried. She was born 3rd Oct 1902 in Liverpool, and died on 24/12/1948 in Liverpool. I am not sure when she was buried but she would probably have been buried in the Catholic section of the cemetery.

For the cremation remains, I am not sure if there would be any record; and so don't know whether it would be possible to find the location. I am looking for my grandfather John Gostage Bibby (born 26th June 1929 in Liverpool), who died on 17th September 1976 in Liverpool, not sure when he was cremated, but his remains were put somewhere in an unmarked cremation area in Allerton.

Thanks so much if you can help! Ellen’s maiden name was Horobin, and she was born Helena/Eleanor, could be under those names too.