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Another mystery solved.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I have a framed photo of my paternal Grandmother with her daughter Hilda. Granny has a child on her lap, and another woman. Who was this child and woman.?
I thought I would clean the glass, so I took the picture from the frame and removed the glass. After cleaning it, I placed it back in the frame and then the photo.
Then I noticed on the back of the photo someone had written, "Baby's name is Denise".

Ding dong, I recognised the name, but from where.

After looking through my notes that I had taken from my Aunty Hilda, almost 10 years ago, I came across Denise and her mother. There was a phone number with the names but it was disconnected.

I went onto Genesreunited and found a "hotmatch". It turned out to be the daughter of the baby in the picture. She passed on her mothers phone number and I phoned her and described the picture and who was in it.
The lady on the phone was the baby in the picture and she my Granny's Gt.Niece and the other woman was her mother.
So the baby was my Granny's nieces, daughter.

Granny and baby. Aunty Hilda, right. Baby's mother, left.

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The photo was taken in 1949, in Granny's back garden.

Mystery solved.

Steve.:) :)
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Lynne Ryan

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Cungulla via TOWNSVILLE
You know...:) i have done the same thing a few times..so now if i get a photo thats framedi now always take it from the frame clean the frame i also very carefully clean the photo from gathered dust,it can scratch the photo ..:D
but you know the paper baking usually inside with the photo check that for inscriptions,i have found it a ery god source of info at times..a lot of people never liked to write on photo back my granny ,always maintained it would damage the photo..:cool:
and now when i make contact wit new rllies i offer family photos and ask if i may have some copies of their family photos...i also offer to pay for the copies...in the last year i have gotten so many photos of rellies i use to wonder,what they looked like and love seeing the rsembelances between families ,,,its so interesting..
cheers Lynne


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CONGRATULATIONS Steve!! You did some great detective work on this one, great results. You've inspired me, I must admit my confidence is flagging at the moment after a couple of setbacks!

I love seeing your photos - just brilliant, thanks for sharing! :biggrin:

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