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Another newbie to FHUK

Hi everyone,

I've been researching my family history for around two years and just happened to google this forum.
I'm researching families in Australia and other countries of Dooley, Wiseman, Lindridge, Squires, Ascott, Barnby, Connor/s, Leonard, Maw, O'Neill and others.
So far I've had success in tracing some families back to the 15, 16, 17 and 1800's (though NOT all my own work. I've met several "new" family members along the way who've also done extensive research). I'm always looking for more connections and especially family history and stories to "fill out" their lives, which can be the hardest to find. I want to know not just names, births, deaths and occupations etc. but how people lived at the time. I find it fascinating.

The Dooley/Connor/s branches are extremely difficult! Those Irish can be hard to track I've found! Or maybe it's just my branch? There were a few scallywags in that branch I believe. :redface:

I'm more than happy to share any info I have and hope I'll be albe to find some new friends and maybe even some new relatives???

Hello Marilyn,

welcome to FHUK.

Please have a look around the forums and then post your queries in the most appropriate ones and someone will try to answer them.

If you have your Irish branch further back than 1850 you are lucky. :) I'm stuck.


Thanks for your welcomes.

Dave, I've only traced my Irish history back to 1836 unfortunately, (Hugh Dooley/Mary, (or Margaret) Connor). They were married in Ireland - King's County, now Offaly, so not much luck there.
I only have that date because it was noted by ancestors here in Australia. I believe they came to Aus around 1858 and Hugh's fathers' name was Martin.
That's as far as I can get but I'm still searching!
Some family documents have, unfortunately, been scarpered by other family members who "don't know where they are" for some erroneous reason.
Please keep me in mind if you find some good researching sites and I'll do the same! Very frustrating...:cool:
Hello Marilyn,

I found a good site for Co Down but that didn't help me with my brick wall. Two of my HAMILTON ancestors were born in Co Down, 1 Jan 1836 for one and a few years earlier for the other. I know the Parish and the church and the name of the minister but there is no sign of either birth/ baptism record. :rolleyes:

If you want to try again put what you know in a topic on the Irish board and I'm sure someone will have a go.


Thanks Dave, will do. :)

The problem with Family History Research is - work interferes with it!
I don't even know who the priest was that married them unfortunatley, and I was a member of ancestry.com for over 18 months. Found nothing there either.

Still making my way around the forums...