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Another Newbie

Hello everyone,

I have been 'playing' at researching my family tree on and off for a month or so, I find it so exciting when you discover someone you have been looking for and oh so frustrating when you can't!

I have a question for your helpful community...

I am looking to trace my great grand parents marriage. I have found them and their children on the 1901 census, but don't seem to be able to find a marriage. I believe I have found my great mothers birth, just waiting for the certificate, this I have based on information on the 1901 census. Would anyone be able to help?

Thank you


Loyal Member
welcome mumstermummy (love the nickname ) to the F.H.U.K research forums,
We hope you have success in your research and please do not hesitate in asking us for help, all you need to do is select the appropriate forum, and post your question/s, with as much relevant information that you have in your possession, then our members will endeavour to find, or at least point you in the right direction of those answers. If at all possible do not ask multiple off topic questions in the same forum for example , don't ask for a birth and death in the census forum , or ask for a census lookup for 1901 in the census lookup 1911 forum etc if you do this it will help us to help you to find your answers
You will find all our members helpful and very friendly and only to willing to help.
Best regards Sterico

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