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another newby


hi there ive just joined today.
I could do with a bit of TLC I have finally decided to start my tree again. Yes i lost it all when puter crashe and hadnt got a copy. have bits on paper but it all needs checking
Ah JayJay,
thats what happens when they give ludittes like me ( and maybe you lol) a p.c. but Im sure that with the help of the friendly people on here, you will soon get back on track. Just shout out if you need a hand and someone will help you, they are great on here, very knowledgable and free with their time and informatin.
Good luck and best wishes
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Hi JayJay and welcome to the FHUK forum.
I'm sure that you'll get all the help that you need here to get you back on track.
Everyone is friendly and helpful.
Good luck with your research.