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Another possible breakthrough.


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My ancestor was Henry Helsdon who was born c1690. He was married twice and his first son was born in Norwich in 1716. Henry had 3 sons called Robert whom died in infancy. I descend from his son Dennis born 1729. Lived at All Saints and then St Peter Per Mountergate, Norwich.

Dennis married in 1752 and had children called Benjamin Helsdon, Mary, Rebecca, Robert, Dennis, Allen and Henry. St Peter Per Mountergate, Norwich.

In 1732 a Nicholas Helsdon wed Alice Linn and said he was of St Peter Per Mountergate, Norwich. He had children called Robert, Benjamin and Mary. Alice died in 1743 and Nicholas remarried in Horsham St Faith in 1744 I think.

A Nicholas Helsdon was baptised in Horsham St Faith, Norfolk in 1707. Son of Robert and Elizabeth Helsdon. Not yet found a baptism earlier of a Henry yet to the same couple. An Elizabeth Helsdon was buried in St Peter Per Mountergate in 1726.

The Henry Helsdon baptised in 1677 in North Walsham has been eliminated. He wed Elizabeth Morter in 1699 in North Walsham but I think died in 1706. His children all wed in North Walsham.
Seems very few Helsdon's lived in Norwich before 1700 and the surname is pretty rare as well. Mainly found in the North Walsham and Aylsham areas.

A Robert Helsdon was baptised in 1685 in Stratton Strawless to Robert Helsdon. An Elizabeth Helsdon was baptised in 1697 a good 20 miles west in Docking near Hunstanton, daughter of Rob and Eliz. In 1695 a Robert Helsdon is buried there, son of Robert and Elizabeth.
In 1715 an admin bond was made for an Ann Helsdon of Horsham St Faith. Her granddaughter Ann Gray was mentioned as was a John Gray.

A Robert Helsdon was buried in Horsham St Faith in 1717. Seems they do have 1695-onwards PR's in full.