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Another Short One...Wolfgang and Anna.


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swindon wilts
1938..in Germany..Wolfgang now eighteen years old was relaxing by the lake just outside of Hamburg,he usually went to the lake with his friends to swim or just chat,smoke and have a few glasses of nice German wine,but stormclouds were forming in Europe as well as above the lake young Wolfgang was near.
Many of his friends were in the army now and Wolfgang was sure he would be too,but for now he was more interested in the lake and its cool water,he stripped off to his trunks and walked slowly into the cool lake....Wolfgang was a strong handsome man and not much bothered him...but he was a gentle man and the thaught of war bothered him..as he swam out he tried to forget the storys his mates had told him of the Hitler Youth and the nastiness towards Gypsies and non German people..he floated on his back and looked at the now dusky sky and the early evening stars..a bat was doing its barmy dance across the waters edge.
Time to slowly swim back now he thaught and as he crawled through the murky water a savage pain gripped his left thigh..the adrenalin pumped loudly to his heart and Wolfgang realised he was in big trouble,he had chronic cramp and was now struggling to keep his head above water,a calm man usually the panic he now felt was alien to him...he tasted the water and then tasted more..alot more,then he felt a strange sense of calm and his body felt like granite...Wolfgang was sinking into oblivion..his time had come and there was no point in struggling..goodbye life and before the water overcame him he smiled..
Wolfgangs eyes opened,its heaven surely and he saw an Angel before him..soaking wet her pretty small frame shone white against the darkened sky...hi she said,my name is Anna..you are a lucky chap indeed,i was walking past the lake when i saw you...how i got you back i dont know..i must be going now..wait said Wolfgang..thankyou,you saved me,i thaught when i woke up i was dead...Anna laughed,you will be fine i really must go...my name is Wolfgang...please allow me to walk you home,as Wolfgang struggled to his feet he fell down,he was shattered and still struggling to get his breath....he just saw Anna walk down the lane and she was gone.
1943...Wolfgang was just starting his second year in the German army..it wasnt what he thaught..he hadnt seen much action for that reason he was glad.it had taken its toll on Wolfgang though,his role in Adolphs army was indeed shocking..in a large forest in the North he was a guard..its what he guarded that troubled poor Wolfgang..a large barrack like building was adorned by two large Chimneys,a train track meandered away into the dark forest....the first lot of prisoners were due in and plenty of top brass were there to help it run smoothly...as the guards and soldiers were told to get ready and to be on alert the old train chuffed in and stopped by the barracks...Wolfgangs heart sunk when he saw old ladies and men along with woman and Children scramble from the train...his job was to take them to the huts.....Wolfgang didnt want to think about the next steps,his old friends had told him the dreadfull deeds that was dealt these poor souls.
As Wolfgang and others rounded up the last few prisoners he had that same feeling he had when in grave danger in the lake..his heart thumped and his eyes were wide..the Angel in front of him this time wasnt smiling...she was crying,and her face wasnt white but grey...my god it was Anna.
What can i do..she looked around at him her eyes pleading...Wolfgang..please help me..as they entered the the hut Wolfgang dropped his rifle and without warning picked Anna up and lifted her up over his shoulder...then he ran,faster and faster through the dense forest he went...the crack of rifle fire told him to go faster...German expletives echoed after them.
Finally Wolfgang had to stop and he fell to the ground with Anna..he cupped her face and smiled at her...then they heard the voices and shouts...dogs barked viciously and the soldiers were upon them...they looked at each other and realised the only hope was jumping into the lake and swimming..Anna was a fine swimmer he thaught as they swam for their lifes,a hail of lead cut into the water..the cramp had returned to Wolfgangs legs but this time a red crimson embarked his stricken legs...it was Anna this time who cupped poor Wolfgangs face....thankyou she said..i will always remember you and another hail of devilship was upon them...it was a feeling Wolfgang had felt before..in that lake near Hamburg..this time though the angel disapeared in front of Wolfgangs closing eyes.
Vienna 1950 the lady in the front garden was thinking....how lucky she was,she made the shores edge and some local family nursed her back to some kind of former self and eventually smuggled out of the cursed country that was Germany..now married to one of the men who helped her to safety Anna looked everything ike an Angel would look like.
As she snapped out of her deep thaught she looked over to the little boy that was playing in the garden near to her....come on Wolfgang she said gripping his hand,ware are we going mother said the young boy......how about a nice trip to the lake my sweet said Anna...and she smiled.

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