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Another use of Electoral rolls


dovercourt but born Enfield
Had an interesting exercise in establishing the death of a relative!
My step great granfather died in one of two possible dates one in 1923 and the other 1939, both dates give the almost correct age at death.
Whilst searching my data for Enfield Middlesex I found a folder with the Electoral Registers for the area, looking at the one for GGF in 1923 I noticed that he was missing!!
Then I looked at the 1922, he and GGM were there so I have decided that the date of death should be 1923!
One thing still puzzles me in that they only got married in 1922 which is strange as they were living together in 1911, my quess is that some form of pension could be the reason for the marriage?
Nothing wrong with the name Smith. It was my maiden name and my father was John. His father William married a Lillian Smith whose father was also a John! I have managed to get both Smith families back to the 1700s so feel suitably smug!
When I started doing the family tree my sister said I was wasting my time as both sides of the family had "Smith" in the line.
But grandfather on my fathers mother side was easy as he was a Job Smith and there are not many of those! It's just the fact taht there are so many "Smith's" about:D