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Anthony Barry and a lady Bamford


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Vaal triangle
Anthony Barry and Sarah Ann Bamford

I am looking to find out the name of my Great Grandmother Bamford and living relatives of Alma Law

My Grandmother was Edith Tilstone (born Edith Barry in Rochdale 8e 52) Married to Leslie Tilstone 1939 Rochdale 8e 79
In my research I have found that her father's name was Anthony Barry and her Mothers maiden name was Bamford
I cannot find the name of my Great grandmother (Bamford) or when/if they were married.

I Found that My grandmother Edith (Born april 1920) had 2 siblings, Alma (1921 Rochdale 8e 60) and William (1914 Rochdale 8e 69 ) but William died young (1916 8e 33)

Alma married a man named Robert Law (1943 Middleton 8d 990)
, she passed away in the first quarter of 1994 (So did my Grandmother Edith here in South Africa)
I would also like to find any of Alma's living relatives since her and my grandmother were separated at a young age.
I remember my grandmother saying that they never knew their mother since she died while they were very young and their father died when they were around the age of 5 years.
My Grandmother was raised by her aunt Edith Bamford (whom i also can not seem to pin point) her sister Alma was raised by someone else but she could never say who it was.

I would also like more information on the Tilstone's however i know of a couple of living relatives.

I appologise if i am posting in the wrong section and ask mods to please move to the correct section.

Thanks in advance
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